Friday, June 29, 2018

a quilter's journey . . .

Surgery went well; physical therapy starts today.  I admit that I'm a little more anxious about the PT than I was about the surgery!  
The pain is manageable, as long as I stay on top of the meds and keep the ice pack in play.

It's time for the next installment of A Quilter's Journey.  I didn't do an article for the December newsletter; so this is January's contribution.  Our guild year ends in August, so I've only got one more to go! Now to decide where the focus should be . . . any thoughts?!? 

At Christmastime, Santa was the one making a list (and checking it twice).  But as the New Year makes its entrance, ‘most every quilter I know begins their own list . . . of resolutions (or good intentions), that is!  If you’ve been on the quilting journey for any length of time (over two months), no doubt there are some “quilty” resolutions filling up your own list of resolutions—or goals, as I like to refer to them.  Here are a few things you might find on a quilter’s New Year’s Resolutions list—or perhaps on your own list:

-I will buy no more fabric; instead I’ll use only fabric from my stash*

     *exceptions:  there’s a great sale-of-a-lifetime at any of the LQSs
                         there’s a great sale-of-a-lifetime online
                         I find a new favorite fabric line
                         I fall in love with a quilt kit (that I promise to work on in 2018-fingers crossed)
                         I visit a quilt show or exhibit and need to support the vendors

-I will take a quilting class and learn something new

-I will get rid of anything (fabric, gadgets, patterns, etc.) that I don’t love

-I will document my progress through my quilting projects (either by journaling or photojournaling)

-I will finish up all the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) I’m currently storing*

     *exceptions:  I forget where I am/what I was doing with a particular UFO
                             I quit working on it because I hate it
                             a new and/or better project comes along
                             I ‘lost’ it

-I will spend a little bit of time each day in my quilting room

-I will only make quilts that are fun

-I won’t purchase any more quilting gadgets unless I’m really going to use them*

      *exceptions:  there’s a great sale-of-a-lifetime at any of the LQSs
                              there’s a great sale-of-a-lifetime online
                              I visit a quilt show or exhibit and *need* to support the vendors

-I will organize my sewing area which includes organizing my fabric stash

-I will actually do any BOMs that I sign up for or participate in

-I will not point out any mistakes in my finished projects

One or two (or all) of these may be on my own list of goals for 2018.  What about you?  What quilty resolutions are you making for the coming months?!  Happy New Year!

My name is Denise and I’m a quilter.  :)

7 expressed . . .:

Mary said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Yes, we get distracted by all the pretty fabrics, patterns and SALs!! That Quilter's ADD is BAD at my Quilt Zone. Glad I'm not the only one. Good luck with your PT. I didn't know you were having troubles with your shoulder.

Pamela said...

I'm glad you made it through the surgery and you are keeping the pain under control.

Sarah said...

The only resolution I make is to not make any resolutions - I’m horrible on follow through. I hope PT went well today 🤞🏻

Barbara Black said...

Repeat after me : PT is your friend...

Lyndsey said...

Good to hear the surgery went well. Work hard with the PT as this make a huge difference to the final outcome - remember all the fabric and stitching goodness you have in your future once you're all healed.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hope the recovery is quick... stitching should help a lot!

Kate said...

Glad the surgery went well. I agree that the healing part is usually harder. You nailed the quilty New Year's resolutions! I just finished posting my mid-year review on this year's list. As usual, it's a mixed bag.