Monday, August 12, 2019

a weekend of quiltiness . . .

What a lovely weekend!  It was filled with a lot of quiltiness. For one thing, I've been very diligent about getting in at least fifteen minutes of  'quilting' in each day.  Whether it's hand-work or sewing or shopping or designing or organizing in the Nook ... I've been very successful in hitting my goal and actually exceeding it on most days, which is very exciting to me!

Thursday kicks off my weekend (we work four, ten-hour days), and Thursday evening I did a little more embroidery sketching and then spent some grand time with the girls!
This little chica has such big personality! She wore four or five different costumes before it was bedtime!

Friday, we spent on the boat. Todd fished (and fished well, I might add) . . . 
While I stitched (and read and swam and napped) . . . 

I've made four or five of these sweet little hexie mug rugs over the last several years, and gifted them all away. This one is for me!
The top is finished and ready to trim and assemble for quilting.  Yay!

We finished Friday with a gorgeous sunset . . .
Gosh, what a beautiful way to end the day!

Saturday was filled with quiltiness from beginning to end. My collaboration partner and I were one of the teams drawn at July's guild meeting to participate in a shop hop!
It was a great group of ladies . . . there were fifteen in all. And we did shop 'til we dropped! Five stores participated and treated us grandly with goody bags and fabulous discounts! In turn, I did my part by spending a little something in each of the shops we stopped in . . .
A pretty decent little haul! My fave find (well, gadget-wise, anyway) was the cute little "lipstick."
Isn't that COOL???!  The fun thing about shopping with a group of quilters is that you enable each other.  We may have bought out the entire of their inventory on this one.  LOL!
I took this shot for posterity.  These are my COLORS!!  ♥  If there's family fabric shopping for me, this is a good start.  Hahaha!

Sunday was a quilty-guildy (quuildy?) day, too.  We had our final board meeting for the 2018-19 year; our guild year ends with the August meeting.  The short board meeting was followed by the transition meeting ... where the outgoing board members met with the incoming board members taking over their respective positions, and handed over responsibilities.  Then we had a potluck dinner, provided by the outgoing board members, and then the new board had its first meeting of the new year!  Let's just say I didn't stick around after dinner.  I'll still be helping ... it'll just be behind the scenes. And I won't have to go to board meetings.  ;)

Anyway, I got home early enough that I could put in some Nook time and worked on my mystery quilt (which is due Thursday).  Have I ever mentioned I put the "pro" in "procrastinator"?
Rows 1-3 are completed and stitched together.  Row 4 is in blocks, which need to be stitched together and added to rows 1-3.  And row 5 has all the components ready to be stitched into blocks.  Then two simple borders need to be added.  It's pretty straightforward and I'm confident it will be ready in time.  Uh-oh ... or maybe not . . . looking at this picture I just realized there are two three "oopsies" in the first row.  Yikes!  Now I'm very confident I'll get in my daily 15 minutes every day this week!


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Mary said...

You put a lot into your weekend. Glad you have time with those cute girlies! I have been in leadership of our guild, but am happy to not be in charge now. We need more Helpers. Cute Mystery. Just a little Rip-it, to do.

Needled Mom said...

I need to work harder at getting a few minutes of sewing time in each day. I love those pumpkin hexies. Glad your days included special time with the girls - both young and older!!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

What a fun weekend! And those are my colors, as well! Love that pic!! And, while I've never done hexies, I really, really, really love that pumpkin mug rug. I just may have to figure out how to do hexies!! LOL Your stitching is beautiful. And, I think you are a pretty great artist! Love the pic with your babies. They grow up so fast!

Creations By Cindy said...

Loved all the pictures. Girl, you have been one busy gal. Oh my! Loving that cute little gal. My youngest grand girls love to dress up. Especially our 3 year old. Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

Janet O. said...

What an adorable princess!
And that is a great photo of Todd with his catch.
That sunset is breathtaking! I wanted the photo to enlarge so I could soak it in better. :)
Looks like a fun "Hop". You are doing your part to support the local quilt shops.
Good luck with the deadline on the mystery!

Kate said...

Sounds like a very busy, but great stitching week. Love the sunset photo. Hopefully it's not been as warm there as it has been here. The heat has everyone at work tired and cranky.