Thursday, May 14, 2020

pandemic pass . . .

Evidently, that's just what I did.  Took a pass on blogging during the height of the pandemic. I have no good excuse for it, either!  Except how you know when you miss something one week ... and it makes it a little easier to miss it the next week ... until the week comes and it's hard to do it because you've missed so much?

Yeah.  That.

I *have* been busy (for the last seven plus weeks).  Lemme 'splain . . .

I made some masks (click here for the tutorial):

I made quilt tops and finished quilts:
(Temecula mini is finished)
(NICU comfy quilt to donate)
(Picnic quilt for Merkel girls)
(My class quilt is FINISHED!)

I baked things (and gained twenty pounds):
(Salted Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies)
(Focaccia Bread)
I baked a lot of different and new things ... and you don't want me to eat up your bandwidth with it all.  LOL!

I rearranged my cozy tea corner:
And consequently, I drank a LOT of tea!

I took a LOT of walks around the camp and noted nature:
(the story behind these is so very sweet!)

I read (a LOT) (and on the boat):
(between March and April, I read a solid 30 books)
I did some hand-stitching (and also on the boat):

And we fished (a LOT):
That was just one trip.  Most of our fishing expeditions (and I use the word "our" loosely) have netted a cooler full of fish like that.  So yeah, we'll eat fish for months, which is a good thing for my diet, seeing as I now have an additional twenty pounds to lose.  LOL!

I also worked from home, but we're back in the office full-time, now.  Just not open to the public, yet.  That's coming.

How are YOU??!


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Janet O. said...

Hey, girlfriend, I've been taking 2 -4 week passes for months now, even prior to the pandemic.
Good to catch up with you. Love the tiny Temecula quilt.
The NICU comfort quilt will be a blessing to someone. Having had a grandbaby in the NICU many years ago, I remember how much these gestures were appreciated at a stressful time.
Picnic quilts are always a fun thing. We just found one my mom had made decades ago. It was squished in the bottom of our blanket/quilt armoire.
Your class quilt is so pretty! That has got to feel good.
Oh, the baking. It all looks and sounds yummy. I've done a bit too much of that myself.
I love that you have nesting dolls in your tea corner.
Beautiful iris--and I envy you your time on the lake.
Take care of your self. I hope you don't open too soon for the conditions. I want you all to stay safe!!

Jocelyn said...

My, my you have been a busy girl. I like your tea corner. I will have to try to find a spot to do that.

Sandik said...

I am new to your blog and the picnic quilt for the Merkel girls jumped out at me. Merkel is my maiden name. There are Merkel's in IL and MN, but I wasn't aware of any family in Alabama. Thank you for your blog.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of us haven't blogged much during all of this. Nice finishes.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Glad to see you post again. I'm feeling the same with our trips to the refrigerator putting on a few pounds here too, LOL!! Your projects look great, and so does your baking. Lucky you, to be able to spend time on the water.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Good to hear from you!! I too have been very lax about blogging. This marks week 7 of shingles for me. Thankfully the lesions are dried up, but the pain, burning and itching are lingering, though better this week. Haven't felt like doing a lot. Thankful hubby is working from home. He does have to go back to office next week though. I will miss him!! You got so much done!! I'm working on an ITH embroidered quilt and our guild panel challenge though it my be September before we get to meet again as we meet in the Homewood Senior Center. Hopefully I'll get it completed by then! LOL I've made masks for everyone in my family except me, but made me one yesterday, so I want to get out some today! Have a great weekend Denise.

sandi s said...

Hi from lower Alabama! I’m in Enterprise. I love your Temecula quilt, it is so cute. I’m working on one from them no, it’s lap size and you make about a million Pinwheels’s. Your other quilts are wonderful too. I like to read so I’ve been doing that and some cross stitch. I can’t say I’ve been bored. Take care. Hugs,

Needled Mom said...

Gosh....glad to hear that I am not the only one who took an extended break on posting. Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you are homebound?

Barbara Black said...

Congratulations on the class quilt finish! And those cookies look yummy! I have been baking, and eating, too...

Karrin Hurd said...

So happy to hear from you again! What a great number of beautiful projects and yummy goodness!

Quilter Kathy said...

You are such a prolific reader... wow!
I've been about the same... cooking weird things, sewing here and there, making lots of masks, working from home. Patiently waiting!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

You have been busy and very productive. All great stuff. Envious of your boating and fishing. I love both very much. I have gained about 5 pounds I think. I’ve been eating more bread and desserts than usual. I think that is a normal reaction to this stressful and strange event. Nice to have a visit again!

Kate said...

You used your work from home time really well. Glad all is as well as it can be given the current circumstances. Having access to the refrigerator during work from home was not a good thing for many of us.