Tuesday, September 28, 2004

To God be the glory! Great things He is doing for me!! Today was a great day. I felt hungry several times, and was able to eat within (for the most part) the parameters of hunger. I had a small piece of Sarah's birthday cake -- it was *marvelous*! I didn't have a second piece, or a cupcake, nor did I dig into the candy. Thank You, God! I know He is my will.

Todd and I had the conversation I knew we would have when I got home. I know that through God, I can have a better control of what I spend. He asked that we both pray about an accountability system, so that spending doesn't ever get out of control. I think that's a good idea. It's hard to not have a checkbook, sometimes, because I need gas, or have to do something . . . but on the other hand, it's like carrying a loaded gun around with me. I think perhaps having to trade checkbooks everyday might be an interesting accountability. I don't know. Prayer is definitely the key.

Poor Todd. He works so hard -- I know he does. I know he'd like to feel like he was able to put away a little -- have a little to work with.

God, I really need your help with this. Please show me the way out when I'm tempted to spend beyond _YOUR_ desires, Lord. Thank you.

And praise You for the eating stuff! Let my mind be filled by Your good word! It is satisfying and wonderful. Forget the bread of grain -- give me the Bread of life!


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