Monday, June 13, 2005

Brother Terry preached two awesome services yesterday. The morning's sermon was about laying down your talents, gifts, skills, and whatnot, to the Lord. Not doing things in the flesh -- even church service or ministry we tend to do in the flesh. He made the analogy of Moses laying down the staff--his own staff that he used to shepherd sheep, and how God turned it into a serpent. Bro. Terry taught that all of our fleshly efforts have a bit of the serpent in them. It wasn't until Moses laid that rod down before God, that God could make it *His* rod! It was a powerful teaching.

Last night he started a series on "Laying the Axe to the Root." He started with the root of bitterness. The man is definitely a student of God's Word!

Jocelyn and I had a nice evening, just the two of us. :) We watched movies and ate chili con queso. Yum.

Today starts the craziness before the vacation! I need to make out a list of things I want to accomplish before leaving. That way I won't be beating myself up for something I forgot to do all next week!

Lord, I lift this day up to You. Father, I need Your strength to accomplish this day's tasks. I need Your wisdom and discernment in discovering what today's tasks should be! And I need Your humility in accepting the path You set before me today. Treat me as a little child. Love me when I need encouragement; discipline me when I stray from Your will. Thank You for the beauty of Your creation. Allow me to see it today, to marvel at it, and to give *You* all the honor and glory for it! I love You, Lord!! Let me walk through this day with Your song in my heart! Praise You, Lord!! I praise You!


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