Sunday, August 07, 2005

Why can't I . . .

Remember to journal here more often?

Keep my mouth (and tongue) in check long enough to give great thought to what I'm proposing to say?

Keep my mouth closed long enough to contemplate what I'm getting ready to put in it -- and how much damage it'll do the rest of my body?!

Get busy on Jocelyn's dress?

We had a great day today. Brother Terry, to my great relief and pleasure, preached an awesome sermon today. I'll outline it here tomorrow. (Yeah, right, you say!) Then he and his two companions came and had Sunday dinner with us. I learned some incredibly interesting things about Haiti. He (Brother Terry) really is quite fascinating.

Tomorrow it's back to work, work, work! :) Good thing I enjoy my job, non? SI! Which reminds me -- I need to put up a translation of, "Turn your paper in!" in Spanish. Ha.

I think I will go get busy on Jocelyn's dress!

God is so good to me.

And I adore my husband. Again, God is *so* good to me!


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