Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today was a nice change of pace; Todd and I walked together, outside. It was a beautiful morning for it! Only one car passed us, and while we heard several dogs, nary a one came chasing after us. Just lovely! We waited until 7, so all the school traffic was out of the way, and evidently, most of the commuter traffic was gone too. Very nice. If I can convince him to do that every third day, it would be *great*!!

Then, I was very convicted about questioning my husband's integrity. I went to him and asked his forgiveness. It would have been very easy to have said nothing, but it was so utterly wrong of me. I should have championed him, instead of letting my pride get in the way, and questioning his judgment.

And the craziness begins. This weekend marks the beginning of our craziness: James and I both working three jobs; Julia and her family coming to stay with us for a week; Jocelyn's play and all that stuff; my birthday; our weekend away . . . manic! On top of all that, I start directing Children's Choir this weekend, we're painting the living room, MOPs starts up, and there's the Women's Annual Bake-Off! I hope I survive!

God? Where would you have me serve *You* today?



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Anonymous said...

So...are you alive after taking on all those projects?