Monday, September 25, 2006

Yeah. I know.

I think I may have waited too long to get on here this morning. I'm already as cooled off as I'm going to get; my music has stopped, and I've got things to do before I leave for work this morning. Egads!

I'm approaching this with a different mind set this time, I hope. I wanted to do the right thing, but I think my reasoning was wrong. My focus was on me, even though the benefits for my husband were clear. My focus in this, just like everything else, needs to be on God. If I'm not doing what I'm doing for Him, through Him, because of Him, then I'm going to fail fast.

My desire has to be in what He wants for me, not what I want for myself. Some of what I want is okay; to be healthy and fit. Some of what I want is not -- to be sexy and desirable and shapely. My thought is what clothes I can fit into again and be a hot mama, whereas God wants my focus to be on housing His glory. Especially since He's brought my attention to the modesty/feminine area. Whoa!

So my concentration won't be on miles and points, so much as on pleasing God by time spent exercising this temple daily, and truly good nutrition.

God, I pray You will keep my teachable; that I won't be dulled to Your prompting!


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