Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's official. I'm a mother-in-law. Wow, and I'm so *young* too! :)

Today, things are my own. All of our out-of-town guests are gone, and most have even arrived at their own homes by now! Laura & her crew are still on the road, but they were planning on doing a little sightseeing in the process of making their way home.

James has managed to text me several times and call me once or twice. It's so funny....whenever he went on a camp or youth trip, I had to _tell_ him to give me call once or twice. Then he goes on his honeymoon and I don't *expect* to hear from him, and he calls me out of the blue. For some advice, no less! I love my boy.

Today will be a quiet day. A little laundry...some leftover Chinese and perhaps even old movie or two or three....perhaps even some quilting! Tomorrow I go to work and do payroll, and then Friday I'm off again for a long weekend. Lovely.

My son is a married man. Wow again.

Perhaps I'm not as young as I'm thinking I was.... !



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