Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good gravy, where has the time gone? I seem to say that a lot these day! The last time I posted in October 2007, I noted how fast the month had gone -- here we now are in March of 2008! How fast my LIFE is flying by!

I can hardly believe that James marries in less than two weeks. I'm happy for him, but I'm also...going to be praying for him/them a lot. This is a huge step for the maturist of folks. I believe James will handle the responsibility of being the head of a home well -- but it may take a while to work out the kinks!

As if that wasn't enough, Jocelyn is graduating from college in two months! Shoot, and she turns 22 in less than a week! I'm so proud of her and all that she's accomplished. I know it bothers her just a little that James is marrying first -- but I think she recognizes that her path is *her* path, and it's the right way for her. Besides, she also knows that her future husband is right there...and someday in the near future, he's going to propose!

Top it all off with [side note here: I never know whether to say, "Todd's ministry" or "our ministry". It's really Todd's baby, and I'm in it for support; clerical, sounding board, graphic design, encouragement, whatever. We are doing it together, but it's truly his calling. I still don't know which to say!] the ministry. Brochures and business cards are printed; labels are set up and ready to go -- one big mass mailing and we're out there! It's incredibly exciting! But just a little scary, too. It's wild to step out in faith like this! I so admire my husband and his desire to press forward.

I can't wait for my whole family to be here in a short week and a half! Fun, fun, fun!! Lots to do in the meantime, though. Glad things are settling down. ??? What am I saying?!?!

On that note...ciao!


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