Friday, December 04, 2009

It's here!!!!!!

Finally, the long-awaited BSQ has been quilted! This was my first experience sending a quilt "out" for quilting, but it was well worth it. My quilter was Becky McCarthy and she did a simply marvelous job! She designed the Boy Scout crest that she used; she said she had to do three separate templates -- the shield, the eagle, the outlining fleur-de-lisle -- and then put it together into one design. She used gold and olive green thread which really makes the quilting pop, especially on the back!

The back is a whole piece of black flannel. The quilting is really showcased on the back; I've got more pictures of the whole quilt; I had to wait until I'd trimmed all the excess off, and had a sweet, helpful person (i.e., my darling husband) to hold it for me while I took the photo! I'll post those later.

All that's left now is the binding! Hurrah!

Scout's Honor.


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BayLee Wright said...

I LOVE that quilt! It looks amazing!