Tuesday, December 08, 2009

snow daze (and some unfinished business) !

First, as promised earlier, here's a shot of the kids over Thanksgiving. The clothes coordination was TOTALLY unplanned, but quite delightful! In fact, Joc & Kim were so tickled that their guys were matchie-matchie, that they bought themselves the same shirt so they could all be a matching foursome! I love 'em! They are quite the dramatic group. Never a dull moment!
post script: I should point out that darling
Sawyer Graham is figuring more and more prominently in pictures with Kim! It's all so exciting to this grandma-gonnabe!

Also as promised, here are full length shots of the Boy Scout Quilt! I'm so pleased with how the quilting turned out on this! I've trimmed the edges and have the binding mostly ready, so I hope to finish it up this week!

The back, being black flannel, really showcases the quilting beautifully!

I totally love the Boy Scout crest! It's awesome!

Saturday morning we woke up to a light blanket of snow. What made the scene all the more enchanting were the deer that came in! Todd and I were captivated by them all. We sat for over an hour just watching them eat and move through the camp. I was so excited by how well the pictures came out, considering I was taking them through the window of the RV! The snowy background really afforded us a clear picture of our usually camouflaged critters!

There was a group of about four does and four yearlings.

There were two sets of two bucks; they're supposed to be in rut, but I guess ours hadn't gotten the memo. The picture below is of the most handsome buck I've seen. He really was a majestic and regal looking creature! Stunning.

When the deer had finally moved on out of the camp, Todd & I collected our wits enough to make it outside! Here's a picture of Home, Sweet Home, in the snow!

Below is the view out of our picture window, left.

And this is out the same window, straight on.

Below is coming out of the camping area, looking at the pavilion. Isn't this a beautiful campground?

Here's a shot of the bridge between the two ponds, covered in snow! Isn't it pretty? It's like living in my own personal winter wonderland!

And here's the winding road leading to the 'outside world'!

I hope this early December snowfall is a portend of things to come . . . !



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