Monday, July 14, 2014

happy bastille day . . .

How does one make excuses when one has faltered at the blogging wheel, so to speak?  One doesn't (at least this one doesn't) . . . one just marches blithely on and picks up where she left off.  Haha!

Why I feel compelled to post *today* . . . with the first night of VBS just hours away . . . I have NO idea! Haha!  It's how I roll.  I'm so excited about our VBS (Vacation Bible School), though.  We've got a great week of fun and songs and food and good teaching ahead! We spent yesterday evening decorating up the church for this year's theme:
AgencyD3:  Discover! Decide! Defend!

We'll be picking up Sawyer each night to go with us -- and even Ellie will stop by on Thursday night -- which will all make for an even funner week!

I've had a little time to get my quilting on, too.  Got this festive little banner finished just in time for the 4th:

And whipped this cheery little mug rug up for a dear one:

Sawyer's been over to go creekin'.  We had a marvelous day and made some fabulous memories.  Let me share one:
We had brought the minnow net and a bucket, but Sawyer was having no luck "fishing", so he passed the net to me and asked if I'd catch some fish for him. It just so happened that I had spied some tiny minnows, so I swooped the net down, brought it back up, and lo, there were about three 1-1/2" long 'fish' in the net. I exclaimed to Sawyer that I'd caught some, and he was so excited! "I love fish!" he kept saying. So I brought the net over to him and pushed it up from the bottom so he could get a good look. He again exclaimed how much he 'loved' fish and reached down into the net. I was really pleased to see he wasn't squeamish about touching them or handling them as he picked one up. Then, before I could say a word, he popped the little minnow into his mouth! AAaaaAAhh!! No Sawyer, we only eat *cooked* fish!!!!! I think he spit it out then, but I'm not quite positive. Oh well.  Boys will be boys and Sawyer will be Sawyer!
Just so you know, in the top left pic he's eating blackberries we picked . . . NOT fish.

I spent several days with Ellie, as well, while her mommy and daddy celebrated their fifth anniversary in Mexico! We had a fun time, as always!
She's such a dear little dolly!

And we've been tooling around the camp, working on the sanctuary and playing with turtles (I call Todd the 'turtle whisperer' now -- see the turtle coming up to inspect the cricket cage?!).
The bottom left are pumpkin plants -- volunteers from last year's pumpkins! 

And of course the Panter family makes frequent trips up here to visit and play!
Bringing with them the newest Panter ... Olivia Mae!
Isn't she precious?! Already going on six weeks old! 

Better get off here and get busy making "wanted" posters. For VBS, of course!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are enjoying summer - family, friends, self - no excuses needed.

Jeanie said...

Blessings for a great VBS! I had to laugh at Sawyer trying (or maybe succeeding) to eat the tiny fish...really cute!

Melissa Bishop said...

Hey, Sawyer, I like sushi too!

Janet O. said...

Good to see you again, Denise! Sounds like things are crazy busy, as usual!
Funny story about Sawyer. Made me cringe. : )
You are such a good Grandma!

Mary said...

I gasped when I read he put the Minnow in his mouth. He is ALL BOY! Nice that June and Olivia got to come for a visit too. Looks like DS is camera shy. Have a great week with your VBS.

Amy Harper said...

Happy VBS week. I know VBS can be very demanding but also very rewarding. I like your Fourth of July mini quilt.

Jean(ie) said...

eating sushi... eh? LOL! That's a rough and tumble boy for ya! LOL!

I need to get back on the swing of things. Just feel so disconnected. Hopefully that will change.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you are havig a great summer with the little ones. Have fun with VBS!

Quilting Momma said...

We missed you! All is good though when you are busy with the kids! Great stuff!

Kate said...

There's never a dull moment when Sawyer is the topic of a post!

Love your 4th of July mini, very cute.

Enjoy VBS this week.

Michelle F said...

How precious are your pictures.
The kids are so cute, and I love the 4th of July quilt.

Sarah said...

Ahh summer fun with the family! Glad to see you posting again. I do admit to a big inhale/gasp with Sawyer's "sushi" escapade!