Tuesday, October 22, 2019

time well spent . . .

The association I work for had its 182nd Annual Meeting last Tuesday.  It's a big deal for me and a lot of prep work and a long day . . . but we get the Wednesday and Thursday following the meeting off, giving me a long, five-day weekend.

And I made good use of that time!

Wednesday, I met Joc and the girls at Tate Farms for my annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch.  I didn't bring home a single pumpkin (can you believe it?!), but we spent an hour or so hanging out in the corn crib!
We all sat (or lay, as the case may be) in the corn crib for an hour and talked and played (and napped). Needless to say, I did bring home some corn, though not intentionally.  I think we all did! LOL!

I also spent quite a bit of time cleaning, organizing and making the Nook habitable (again).  It was bad.  I have 'before' pics but I daresn't show it!  However, I'm quite happy to share a couple of 'after' pics:
I work so much better when my space has, well, space!

One of my quilty birthday gifts was Creative Grids 8" hexagon trim tool.  I wanted it specifically to make these fabric trivets . . .
So easy to make and such fun! These will make good hostess gifts over the holiday season!

I also spent a couple of minutes finishing up my little squirrel embroidery--just a simple border and in-the-ditch quilting.  Not a great pic, I know . . . 
I'll get another one (cuz it's really cute) before I gift it.

I spent some $$ on Kathy Schmitz's website and picked up a couple of patterns. I've already finished up one (that's some secret stitching), and am ready to work on this cutie . . .
Isn't that fun?  My whole reason for going there was to get this darling new pattern:
It makes me SMILE!!  And while I was there, I signed up for her monthly One Stitch at a Time monthly embroidery club!  I adore her designs.  ♥

If you're working on new stitcheries, you've also got to have new floss . . .
It's almost as satisfying as new fabric!  And costs way less! 😆😏

And finally, while I was cleaning the Nook, I came across a bag of felt and templates for the poinsettia pins.
So I decided I start working on those, too.  Because they also make a sweet (and easy) hostess gift or "tag-a-long" for gifts. 

So, there I am.  Stitching pretty much daily.  I've still got the bicycle stitchery that needs to be finished, as does the secret stitching project.  I'll share pics of that after the fact!  Have a great week ahead!


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Kate said...

Glad you finally got some down time. A clean sewing room is a thing of joy and beautiful. But a messy one means it's been used and you had a lot of fun. Love the hanging out in the corn photos. What a fun afternoon.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

New floss is just as fun as new fabric. I've never seen a 'corn' pile. Fun time and memory making.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Oh how I need to rearrange things in my sewing room, so I can have fun sewing!! LOL That is such a sweet picture of the baby sleeping in the corn. I can see how you all came home with a little of it! Fun times!! Glad you had a few days off to rest, play and stitch!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What fun to have at the farm in the corn crib, loved those pictures! And I too have to clean my space before I can start to create again. Your little happy place looks amazing! Have fun with all the new stitchery you have on your project list :) Blessings to you!