Tuesday, July 12, 2005

*Lots* of things occur to me this morning.

1) Two difficult things (for me) with lifestyle changes to my eating habits:

a) being honest as I track what I eat, and
b) resisting temptation.

I know it's possible, through Christ, to resist temptation. James (the book of) tells me so! All I have to do is resist the devil, and he will flee. Sometimes he's a little more persistent than I am in the eating department. My prayer today is that God will allow me to hold fast to Him, and that I will submit my body to His authority, and not hand it over to the lusts of my flesh. Meaning, I don't want to give in to the cravings today!

2) This is the day to begin. Not tomorrow, not in a week, not next month. Today. Right now. Change needs to begin the moment I recognize that it's necessary.

3) The tongue is a dangerous weapon in more ways than one. James speaks of the tongue also. I use my tongue to do a lot of verbal damage. But I also use my tongue (in fact, my whole mouth, but the tongue already gets such a bad rap) to taste every single thing I place in my mouth. Sometimes I cater more to my tastebuds than to anything else! It's actually a conspiracy between my mind (which tells me it's hungry when it's not) and my tongue (which tells me I have a taste for something when I don't). Hear me now: You both need to just back off! :)

I have to admit, with the exception of the pain in my heel, I really did enjoy my walk today. It felt productive. I read, I drank my water, I listened to Sonic Flood, and I walked a mile! Hooray for me!

I head to the Burkett's place of business today. God, grant me wisdom.



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