Friday, December 30, 2005

You know, in the several years I was active on this particular blog, I never received one comment. Then, I move over to xanga for a bit, and I get two comments in one month! I had thought of something pithy to say, but now I can't remember. It's probably just as well.

Not that the commenting matters to me . . . this is a heart rendering exercise, not a entertainment center . . . but still, sometimes it's nice to have banter. Or at least to have one's thoughts affirmed by another!

It's also hard to maintain dual journals -- one offline and one online. I dislike being redundant, and I often feel disloyal if I put something meaningful here, that maybe should have gone into my written journal. I don't know whether or not that's valid, but I deal with it nonetheless. Especially now, knowing that God has specifically instructed me to be faithful in journaling! And even so, I'm not the most faithful! I skipped nearly one week! The unfortunate part is that when I slip and slide in those quiet, private moments with God, I'm usually slipping in my observable walk as well. Or, at least, in my own observance. There's a definite parallel to a lack of quiet time / journaling and straying from a path of obedience. Knowing that, then, one would think I wouldn't DARE skip a quiet time; but pride is a bigger foe than I give credit to.

Okay -- this becomes my sacrifice of praise. When I spend time with God -- speaking, listening, worshipping & praising Him -- even though I don't feel like it. *Especially* when I don't feel like it! That's when my Jesus can really do some work with me!

Which still doesn't resolve my on/off line journaling question!


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James Philip Pegg, artist said...

Thanks for sharing with us.
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