Thursday, December 01, 2005

The following 20 entries, between now and September, 2005, are entries copied from an old Xanga account, so that I could maintain posterity, and delete the Xanga account.

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The beasts are prowling anxiously at my feet this morning. They are very restless, for some reason, earlier than usual. They *know* I won't feed them until 7:30, yet still they yowl. Especially the baby-cat; he's been particularly wild this morning!

Cookie swap is Saturday! I'm going to make six dozen, and swap two -- give one away -- perhaps send one back with Jocelyn (this is a test to see if she's reading my Xanga) -- and give one to Todd, 'cuz they're his favorite Christmas cookies, Apricot Thumbprints. Did that make six? I don't think so, hmmm. Perhaps I'll send TWO back with Jocelyn (so she can share).
I finished up The Patriarchs study yesterday -- our final DVD session is on Sunday. I have so enjoyed every single week of this Bible study. I will miss it. And I will miss Beth Moore -- she's so quirky!

I need to start another study very soon, but I'm not sure which one. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to do a semi-short one, because I'd like to lead another women's study when they start up at church again in January. I can do two at a time, but I prefer not to. So, help!

Time to get a cuppa going. I slept until 6:15 this morning!

Guten morgen!


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