Saturday, November 19, 2005

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I'm just updating so that I'm more current than my dahling daughter. :)

We are, once again, headed to Blue Mountain! Whoohoo! What a wonderful time of prayer the women of our church had this morning. Something about a group of women humbling themselves at the altar is incredibly moving. Or perhaps, it's the Holy Spirit's movement that causes women to gather at the altar in humble prayer. It was sweet, that's for certain. The temptation, now, is to look ahead and be excited about what's going to take place and all that God's is going to do. I need to focus on what He's doing right now, and be excited about *that*! Lord, open my eyes that I may see . . . Okay, then there's the flesh side of me that is ready to holler: ROLL TIDE!!!

Buenos tardes!


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