Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I do love Sundays! We had a terrific time this morning. Our SS class was down in size. (LOL - we went from 3 last week, to 2 this week -- me and my pastor's wife! If she doesn't show next week, I'll know not to give up my day job!) Interestingly enough, I'm not discouraged; I'm encouraged to pray more! This is such a novelty for this little church -- an all ladies class -- I know it's right and I know it's where God wants me to be, so in faith, I'll trust Him and carry on!

Yesterday I was so pleased to have finished the quilting of my challenge project! I'm so glad that I decided to machine quilt. I'd have never have finished the darn thing if I'd persisted in hand-quilting! Today I cut into the silver lame to do the binding. At first I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to manipulate the lame like I needed to, but it's working fine. I have to be careful with pulls from the pins and the machine needle, but I knew, as soon as I'd finished binding my first side, that it was the perfect choice! It sets off the metallic quilting thread perfectly! It was just the touch my patriotic theme needed. I finished the top and bottom this evening; I'll finish the sides tomorrow evening and put on the sleeve and my tag. I'll post pictures when it's all finished. And *then* I'll get back to work on my Grand Hands quilt!

Todd and I took a long afternoon nap, but I'm still rather sleepy at 9:30, so we'll probably head off to bed. Lovely day, lovely day! I *do* count it all joy!

Vaya con dios!


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