Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a productive day I've had!!!!

I went grocery shopping this morning. But I didn't make the run to Wal-Mart. With gas prices being what they are, forget that! I cannot believe that between Wednesday and last night, gas prices increased over $1.20 per gallon. And that's at my cheapie Wavaho station! I notice they didn't even have their gas prices posted today. Stinkers.

Anyway, I headed to Publix (which is my favorite place to shop), and just shopped carefully and frugally. :) I *can* do it if I put my mind to it! It helped that on Friday I stopped at Food Valu and picked up 10 lbs of chicken breasts at $1/pound! I know, right?! Great price! I cooked it today and put it up in the freezer. Enough chicken for five meals and one soup! And the broth was heavenly.

So, after I put groceries away, I worked on my challenge quilt. I finally gave in and decided to machine quilt the darn thing. I was going to use silver (metallic) thread when I was hand-quilting, but for machine quilting I put navy thread in the bobbin and used the silver metallic thread in the top. I finished the top three blocks and the stars across the top. LOTS faster than had I hand quilted! :) I may finish this thing in time after all!

Tomorrow we have a SS teacher's meeting, which we'll be having over lunch in the pastorium. I picked up BBQ from O'le Dad's, and got the sides at Publix. Oh, and I made brownies, too. I've made a lot of brownies lately!

I also made the first pot of chili of the season. It seemed an appropriate dinner considering we'd be eating it listening to the 'Bama game. It was good chili -- Todd went back for a third bowl! I've been on this cheese grating kick lately. Okay, lemme 'splain. For Christmas last year, my folks got us a Williams Sonoma gift certificate, which I love! So I got this Cuisinart hand-held electric grater. Todd didn't think I'd ever use it (and now he accuses me of using it just to prove him wrong), but I love it! I can put a block of cheese into that bad boy and have it shredded in seconds! I love shredded cheese, but I don't like using a hand grater. Ouch. I used to buy pre-shredded cheese, but the additives in packaged shredded cheese change it's melting/cooking properties. You can't make decent homemade macaroni and cheese with it. So I've been buying the block cheese and shredding it myself. It was good on the chili!

I also ran by the library (while I was on my way to Publix) and returned some and picked up some. I finished my Lori Wick book yesterday before girl's night, so it might have gotten desperate if I hadn't picked up the next two Elm Creek novels!

I've still got laundry going. It should wrap up about the time the game does. Then it's Night-night, Neesey!

Sweet dreams!


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