Friday, November 06, 2009


Oh my; what fun we had last night! Kim & I headed to Emma's (my favorite tea room), for a class in cupcake decorating! It was wonderful! We used decorator tips and butter cream frosting to create some of the prettiest Christmas cupcakes I've ever seen!!

Here's me with two of my offerings . . . the holiday wreath and the Christmas tree!

We also did one in fondant -- the light purple one -- and made it to resemble an ornament! I also had to do a monogrammed cupcake. After all, I *am* a Panter girl! :)

This was our darling teacher, Heather. She's a cake baker/decorator extraordinaire! She was very helpful and lots of fun . . . and a great teacher, too. She will be working her cake magic in Emma's kitchen, and selling her craft there as well. She's new -- and she has a clever business name, card and website, but I can't find her card, so I'll have to post it later!

This was the group of ladies taking the class with Kim & I. In the very front left corner of the pic, you can just see the top of Emma's head. Yes, she's the young lady for whom the tea shoppe is named!

And here is a sampling of their cupcakes! Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun. The big group at the end of the table were all sisters, daughters, and daughters-in-law. Lots of laughing and joking! See all the teacups? Well, we were at Emma's! She served a cinnamon-vanilla tea, a chocolate-coconut tea, and an apple-something tea. YUMMY!

Next month they are doing a Gingerbread House night. I'm in! I hope Joc is able to go, too. Plus Lynelle's has free candy decorating classes on Thursdays! FUN!

Tonight starts the Bible study . . . I'm racing home early today to get ready!



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Anonymous said...

How fun! I can barely get the icing to go on without looking like a 5 year old did it! =)
Looks like a fun night!

squeeli2 said...

Wow! Can you believe that I have never been to Emma's?!?!?! One of my sweet friends also loves it there. I will have to go. Let me know if you hear of anymore classes. I love to learn new things.