Saturday, November 14, 2009

today's the day!

So . . . it all comes down to today.

We loaded up all my quilting stuff. Ha! Todd was amazed at how much all that fabric and those notions weighed!! I was so tickled to be able to fit all our boxed DVD sets, my whole Jan Karon collection, *all* my tea-related books and a dozen cookbooks in the cabinets over the sofa. I feel better already!

We decided against loading *everything* into the RV before pulling it. Clothes were a problem because the washer/dryer hasn't been installed yet. Because it's in the master closet, we knew we'd just have to unload everything for the guys to be able to get into the space to install it.

We bought some tubs and racks at WalMart last night to use. We didn't get lots of stuff -- just enough to try out. Until we're living in it and have our stuff put up, it's hard to know exactly what we'll need!

I did get all our toiletries and stuff over there. Not all my hair accessories and jewelry, though. I do want my necklace rack over there today! :)

So much to think about! Todd's swept all the leaves off the roof . . . we're getting ready to pull in the slides and hook her up . . . this will be a busy day!

This evening we'll drop Merlin off at James and Kim's. Sigh. He snuggled with us this morning before we got up and going. He has no clue!

Tonight we'll spend our first night in Camp Macoba in our new home!!!

Pray for us, please!


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