Tuesday, November 03, 2009

where does it all go?!?

The time, I mean. I *know* where all the calories from the Halloween candy go . . . duh! That's why I did my level best to stay away from it this year! I was quite successful, too, if I do say so. I didn't bring a drop home with me from the church!

Speaking of which, Trunk or Treat at the church was a GREAT time! We had so many kids come through our parking lot! And so many unchurched families . . . my heart breaks for families who are dealing with the economy and just the everyday stresses and everything without the support of a church family; and possibly without the support of Jesus. Knowing and acknowledging Jesus as my Savior and Lord does not make my circumstances easier, but it certainly makes it easier to face my circumstances. I can't imagine doing it without Him. So this week I'll think about the sweet faces (and some not-so-sweet faces!) that passed by my car looking for a treat, and I'll pray that the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ will touch their lives and the lives of their families.

Saturday morning, Tina & I headed to Hooked on Quilting for the Sept/Oct birthday bash. I found lots of fabric that I absolutely *needed* (especially with my birthday 25% discount), but I kept it /relatively/ small. :) After the quilt shop, Tina treated me to lunch at Houlihan's. They have the best sandwiches there! I got a hot Reuben on toasted pumpernickel (I think). Yummy! From there we headed to WalMart, and then on to home. I get to see my friend so infrequently -- it was good to spend the day with her!

I would have spent Saturday night in the RV, but I couldn't get the heat to come on, and it was *way* too cold to be out there without it!

Ah HA! And guess what? My sweet husband took me clothes shopping. Insisted, even! We had a nice lunch at Sbarro's and then headed over to do some clothes shopping. I like having Todd with me when I shop, because I always want to be certain that what I'm purchasing is something that he likes me in. Then it's a happy all the way around! I picked out two really great over shirts, a white cotton shirt with red and black plaid buttons, cuffs, and collar -- really cute -- and a couple of shell shirts to wear underneath. Tops to give me options! Hurrah! I can't wait until Sunday to try it out!

Monday. Oh. My. Todd left relatively (5:20 am) early to go fishing with his dad. Ten minutes later I was up, too. I tackled our DVDs! I pulled all of them from their cases, cut out a 4.5" square from their labels, and alphabetized them in one of those CD/DVD sleeve books. I filled it up! It was awesome!

I also made a sugar-free apple pie for us for supper, with apples from our tree. It was super easy, because the apples were already peeled, cored, and cut. Oh and was it good! I was thrilled! Todd was too -- we had some for breakfast this morning! Hey -- it was made without sugar!

I also went grocery shopping yesterday. Quite the productive day! Todd brought home a little over two dozen fillets. His dad had told him about boiling the fish, flaking it, and using it like tuna. I fooled around with the other ingredients and make a bowlful. I have to admit, it was quite good. Todd thought so too! We both had tuna-less fish salad wraps for lunch today. I'm really impressed! Besides, the white fish is LOADS cheaper than good canned tuna!

What else? Ugh. I'm having hot flashes quite frequently. They're not bad . . . just a little annoying. I feel like my face has a perpetual fever! Bleh.

Jocelyn e-mailed me this morning. Their third grade classes are doing a Veteran's Day celebration on Tuesday of next week, and she's asked me to come and speak to the students. Wow! :) That's an honor, especially since there will be decorated veterans there, too. It's always such a privilege to stand beside others who have faithfully served this country!

Have I won anything lately? LOL! Now that you mention it, I did win a $10 gift certificate from the September FabShop Hop. Yay me! It was from Quilts With A Hearts! Can't wait to go ahead and check 'em out and spend it! Free money, whoohoo!!!

I know when I wait so long between posting that I forget stuff. Like . . . the washer/dryer came for the RV today . . . we've found someone with a fifth-wheel hitch to help us tow the RV to Macoba in . . . ELEVEN DAYS!!! . . . and other stuff that I can't remember.

Looking forward in this week to: working at Stuckey Builders tonight; cupcake class with Kim at Emma's on Thursday; Bible study retreat Friday/Saturday . . . what an incredibly full and blessed life I have. :)

It's time, I'm telling you. I'm filling it faster than I can find a free moment!



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