Wednesday, June 23, 2010

quilting is back in my life . . . !

Well, slowly but surely, anyway! I haven't gotten brave enough to try my sewing machine, but I might this weekend. I had some hand quilting that I'd started on the pillow I'm making to match my very first quilt. I finished the interior yesterday; I just have to do the border now, which I can't until I get the stencil from the RV. Living in one place with the majority of my life at another place is quite interesting!

Since it's the face of a pillow, but because I did want the quilted look, I backed it with plain muslin. I have to admit, though, that I really like the look of the quilting on the white background!

Maybe enough to attempt a whole cloth quilt, someday!

Some time back I blogged about the plants I'd left behind. My African Violet was one of those plants. After I'd brought it home two years ago, and the original blooms died, I could never get it to bloom again. This must be another of those plants that appreciates neglect. When Todd and I temporarily moved back to Hunter Road, this is what greeted me . . .

Isn't it beautiful? I think it likes being in a south-facing window.

And then, of course, what entry of mine would be complete without a photo (or two or ten) of my most darling grandson??? He came and visited with me on Saturday and stayed for a couple of hours. I got lots of holding and snuggling time in!

Sheer bliss!


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Asiyah said...

I love the hand quilting. I am really tempted to rip out the machine quilting I've done and Citrus Carolina and replace it with something cute like you've done.

Fantastic work!

Laurie said...

The quilts are gorgeous! So sorry to hear about the accident! Praying for your full recovery!!