Friday, June 04, 2010

i'm still around . . . !!

Truly I am! Some days are better than others . . . yesterday was not so hot. Today is *much* better!

These are the rails that my boss had build for our RV, to make it easier to get into the RV. We probably won't be there for several more weeks, but I'll be glad to have easier access when we do finally make it back! Another of our friends built a ramp, here at the house. I'd have not been able to get in and out were it not for that ramp!

Last Friday, Todd drove to Franklin, TN, and picked up a replacement for me! Isn't she pretty?? She's pretty tricked out, too. Todd says we've reached the top of the line in PT Cruisers! After much deliberation, I think I've settled on Princess Buttercup as her name! This picture does *not* do justice to her pretty color!

Unfortunately (for me) it'll be another 6-8 weeks before I'm able to drive her. Ah well, it's a lot more comfortable to be a passenger in her than in Todd's Ranger!

My son and his wife came over twice over the long weekend and brought my favorite baby!!

Sawyer just *loves* his daddy!! It's so fun to watch them together!

Here's me, with my walker, still sporting some lingering bruises. We did go to church on Sunday, and it was really nice to get out! I was able to wear the new clothes Todd had gotten me for Mother's Day!

And another of the cutest baby in the whole, wide world . . .

His foot is up. (Inside joke!)

Here's the handsome fellow dressed in blue gingham. He's quite dapper! And those eyes are just staying blue as can be!!

And here's a little of my own handiwork. I didn't do the other foot, because if I have to have surgery, they'll just want it off again. And I could only reach three of my five toes.

I did go back to the doctor this past week; she cut off the plaster cast, checked the stitches, and took some x-rays. Right now, praise GOD, she is leaning towards not doing another surgery! If the bones in the heel stay aligned nicely, when I go back in next week, she'll opt out. Her concern is infection. I say, good enough! I would just as soon not have to have another surgery. Although I'll be a little sad that I won't have a bionic foot - especially now that my X-Men blades are faded! Ah well, I'll just have to settle for the incredible peace and all the blessings I've received through this ordeal! I don't think Todd's had to cook a dinner but once or twice, and the cards, prayers, and words of encouragement have been phenomenal. It's very humbling, and incredibly appreciated!

I do have some (not too gross) pictures of the foot from Wednesday, which I may post later, along with the new boot I'm sporting. I don't care for the boot. It's cumbersome, heavier than a cast, and is a little on the painful side. I may ask about going back into a cast next week, especially since I'm under strict instructions not to remove the boot under any circumstances! We shall see.

In the meantime, I'll keep on keeping on!!!


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Pat said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in your new outfit. I"m glad things are going well, too. The new car is cute but Sawyer is cuter!!!

Asiyah said...

My goodness, I hope your pain level isn't as bad as your foot looks! Here's to healing very nicely. :)