Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and the wrens go marching on . . .

Something happened at the house this week that reminded me of another funny 'wren' story that I'd forgotten to share, complete with photos! It happened Mother's Day weekend, and I think I had some blog apathy and then the accident happened, and one thing led to another and . . . well, you know how that can go!

Anyway, Todd and I had been out and about around the camp site -- I think we'd had a group up there -- and as we returned to our site, we noticed a bit of a commotion at the hitch end of the RV. And it sounded a lot like a wren commotion!

Sure enough, as we got closer, wrens became more vocal, and we could see something odd sticking out of the hitch . . .

Just to put it in perspective, I've put a black square around where the hitch is in the following picture . . .

So we got a little closer, and what do you think we saw??

Lots of homely baby wrens!! Evidently, when I inadvertently chased the wrens out of my door wreath (I blogged about it first here, and then again here) they moved their nest to the inside of our hitch! When we found them, babies were falling out of the hitch, hitting the ground fluttering!

Baby wrens are nicely camouflaged when they hit the forest floor. I put a black square around this one little fellow who was doing his utmost best to get away from me!

Mom and Dad Wren were standing sentinel on nearby trees, alternately fussing at us for being there and encouraging the kids to get a move on it!

I was clicking like crazy to get pictures, but these little fellows are FAST! Most of my pictures showed either blurred blobs, or absolutely nothing by forest floor!

So, a month later, at a different location, what reminded me? Well, I rolled into the kitchen one day last week, thinking I was hearing a wren very close by. I went to the window above the sink to see if I could see it, when I realized it WAS IN THE WINDOW! Haha! It had managed to squeeze in through a hole in the screen and was between the screen and the window. No wonder it sounded close!

Three days later I rolled into the kitchen and thought something looked a little funny at that same window, but my flowers were blocking whatever it was . . .

See there, in the right corner of the window, behind the flowers?

So I pulled them out of the sill, and I had to laugh.

Now I understand exactly what that silly wren was scoping out -- a new home!! I guess Todd and I are just people who have 'wren' experiences!!!

That same Mother's Day weekend, up at Camp MACOBA, I stumbled upon these beauties growing at our new site . . .

Peonies! They smelled heavenly, too!!

And finally, of course, my little bit of heaven on earth . . .

He's certainly figured out how to beat this southern heat!!



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