Wednesday, March 09, 2011

busy, but off to a good start . . .

Monday was a busy day. I spent the day with my darling Sawyer. I can't believe he will be one year old on Saturday!!! He's such a loving, charming little fellow!

Monday morning was no exception. He'd just woken up when I got there, and he was still all snuggly and cuddly. This photo above is my new phone photo. He's still nearly as bald as he was the day he was born -- actually, he does have hair, it's just so blond and fine, it's hard to see!

We started out with breakfast. Yogurt, fruit, and Cheerios! He's a *great* eater!

And he's really good about sharing. He wants to share everything I eat, like my banana! It's like feeding a baby bird. Constant!

Ummm, I think he was reaching for my bag of chips.

No more food?? No more pictures??? Nope. He was dancing! That's his "Praise the Lord!" dance! I was actually lucky to get a shot that wasn't blurred, because I can assure you, the body was bouncing and the hand was waving!

Late Monday afternoon, Sawyer and I headed over to Joc's house, to meet everyone else and to have a birthday celebration! Jason had treated her to an extra-special day, and she told me later that it had been better than she had thought it would be. We had pizza and Jason had ordered a magnificent chocolate truffle ice cream cake!

The funniest part of the evening was when Jason put a Chinese birthday candle on the cake and lit it. Jocelyn had purchased these when she was in China the second time (about three years ago). It's a big, pink flower that you light. And when the flame burns down far enough, the petals of the flower open and each petal holds a candle, and it plays, "Happy Birthday"! As you can see in the photo, the single flame gets REALLY big -- we didn't think it was going to open! But it did, and it only caught a little bit of the cake on fire . . . I caught video of it, but I've been blackmailed convinced I shouldn't share it, outside of family. Sorry!

Joc sent me a video yesterday -- the flower is still playing, "Happy Birthday!" Crazy!

Yesterday was a little crazy, too. On top of my regular job, I keep the books for a friend who's a builder. Usually I go after work, once a week, but in the midst of all the craziness in my life, my hours got cut AND changed, so I was working 7:30 - 3:30 four days a week, and now I'm working 11-5, four days a week. It puts me late getting to the second place, and later getting home, so I headed over there yesterday morning before work, to put in a couple of hours.

It's usually quiet, and for the most part, I'm typically alone. Well . . . sorta . . .

There are plenty of eyes watching me work! LOL!

And finally, I received the most delightful delivery yesterday afternoon at work . . .

My darling forever friend, Sharon, sent these as a reminder of her love and prayers for our family. Aren't they beautiful? They made my day!

My folks arrive on Friday, and my youngest sister and her crew on Saturday -- big happenings up at the camp! I cannot wait!


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Pat said...

I'm glad to see God's healing love at work in your family. for working with all those eyes watching you....I'm not sure sure. I think I'd find it a bit weird. LOL

Cathy said...

All those stuffed animals are really creepy! I'm glad you all had a good day for Joc's birthday. What a wonderful witness and testimony you have all been during this time, for the truth of God's faithfulness.

Paula and Mel said...

I just love it when you share Sawyer. What a joy he is.
The birthday candle is quite interesting. I am sure the celebration fun but yet had a sadness about it. I am keeping you and tour family in my prayers.