Sunday, April 21, 2013

the undiscovered country . . .

Did the title of my post cause you to scratch your head or raise your eyebrow? Let me just say that my darling hubby is a bit of a Trekkie.  'Nuff said.

I have to admit ... it's not been terribly hard to stay away from blog writing.  Is that a shameful secret I should have kept to myself?!  But when something that doesn't pay the bills starts to feel like a burden or a "have to" or starts to impede upon other areas of life, it's definitely time to step back.  And we've been so busy! Todd now has just THREE more shifts.  He's only working the full twenty-four hours on TWO of them and taking off the full twenty-four hours of the last one! That means he has two more days to work and then we're DONE! It's a very happy, exciting time!  We're charting off into our own undiscovered country!  :)

Well.  It's been happy and exciting EXCEPT for the time I've been down with strep throat and a sinus infection. That hasn't been happy time.  LOL!  Luckily, though, it's only been since Thursday.  I felt so bad I missed a guild meeting. That should tell you something! I'm feeling better -- about sixty percent -- today. And since I hope to take Sawyer to dinner at the fire station tomorrow -- it'll be his last time to see Paw-paw in action as a fireman -- I hope to be at least up to eighty-five percent tomorrow!

We've been busy, especially in the Camp.  Spring and fall are our biggest camp usage seasons and we've had visitors most every weekend.  I love it!  And of course, I've also had fun doing some quilty, sewy, crafty things, too.  I continue to work on Joc's Wedding Quilt.  And I finished up the little Cardinals in Clover piece I'd EQ'd:
And of course I've been reading (though not doing a lot of commenting) my favorite blogs!

Speaking of which, I'd won a little giveaway over at A Little of This and a Little of Pat.  
It was this darling "Gobble Till You Wobble" pattern.  That is so totally me! Darling that she is, she also tucked in a little children's fabric she'd found that she thought I could put to good use . . .
Wasn't that sweet?  The space rockets are totally Buzz "Sawyer" Lightyear!  And I loved the cars and fire trucks and planes, too.  But the paper dollies made me *swoon*!  Totally darling!  And believe it or not, it's the ONLY fabric I've acquired over the past twenty-one days.  Of course, since I'm headed to Paducah, KY and the AQS show next weekend, that's all subject to change!  But, because I do want to keep up with this (for my own sake) I'm going to go ahead and report:

Used/donated this month: 0.75 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 12.75 yards
Purchased/added this month: 3.75 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 42.50 yards
Net used/donated for 2013: -29.75 yards

I also participated in a fun thread swap with my StitchMAP group. (Good thing I'm not doing a thread/floss stash report!) We were to exchange two skeins of specialty threads/floss in colors that represented Spring to us.  I opted to swap with three folks, so I send off six skeins and got six in return.

The two I sent off were the green and sparkly purple on the left (yes, I bought two for me, also!).  Then in my swap package were the sparkly skeins of DMC metallics, the two skeins of Italian silk floss in a very earthy pink and a pretty blue, and finally some gorgeous silk floss in a very earthy green and a cream.  It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I participated!  

I also managed to score a couple of samples of tea from Royal Tea of Kenya. There was a terrific write-up about this company in the January/February issue of Tea Time Magazine, so I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to try it.  
The company is based out of Nashville and run by Joy (who I had a lovely chat with on Friday).  Joy's grandfather is the oldest living (at 109+) tea producer in the world.  Pretty cool, huh?  
I haven't tried it yet, but do believe that brewing a pot is on the agenda for this afternoon, along with enjoying some appropriate reading material!

The arrival of Spring also brings with it the arrival of birds and critters we don't see during the winter.  For example, the grosbeaks have put in an appearance this week (aren't these striking birds???) . . . 
As have the indigo buntings (which I adore) . . .
And the goldfinches, which do winter here, have returned to their summer yellow (instead of the drab olive they wear in the winter) . . . 
We've also seen our first salamander (Todd captured this picture):
And our first skink of the season (he did NOT want his picture taken!):

And of course, since it's flip-flop (or Yellowbox, as I prefer) weather again, the toes have to be painted!
My SS girls were particularly impressed with my 'rainbow toes' this morning.  I aim to please.  Haha!

And look at this:
My little kitchen herb garden is sprouting up!!  I'm still having to bring it inside (we had frost warnings for the past two nights) but I think after this weekend, we'll be good to go!  I can't wait until I've got my fresh sweet basil and chives and parsley!

Okay, enough of this; I could probably write on and on and blah blah blah.  I'm headed to get that tea brewing!  But before I go ... is anyone taking a trip to Paducah this coming week -- particularly on Saturday??  I'm headed there with my guild and will be there from 10 until 6. I cannot wait!!  If anyone else is going to be there, let me know!!!! 

Auf Wiedersehn!


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Lee said...

It is so nice to see a post from you again and to have you catch us up on all that you've been doing. I am sorry to learn you've been on the ailing side of things :( and had to miss a guild meet at that! Love your cardinal piece, and those rainbow toe nails, hehe! Hope to 'see' you again soon...wish I were going to Paducah, have a blast!

Barbara F. said...

I was just thinking it has been a while since you posted, but I do keep up with all the "Denise doings" on FB! I cannot post everyday, lately I am having trouble even posting weekly. It is not for lack of subject matter. I am not into staging at all, even photo taking! But nobody just wants to read, they want photos and tutorials, and more detail than I am up to right now! Hope you are feeling better. xo

Cathy said...

So good to hear from you here. I can understand your not wanting to write, if it's become a chore. It needs to be done because you want to, not because you feel you have to. And such exciting news about Todd's retirement. I knew it was coming, but didn't think it was this close!! Woohoo, exciting and changing time's a-coming!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

So lovly to hear from you, but so sorry you have been/are ill. Speedy recovery for new adventures ahead!

Missy Shay said...

I'm sorry you have been sick! Do you work at the camp? What kind of camp is it?

Doniene said...

Very nice to "catch up" with you!! Praying a multitude of healing blessings for you!!! Have fun with Sawyer!!! Your bird photos are awesome!! It is always fun to see birds from different parts of the country! We've been seeing scarlet tanagers!! Love them!! Plus we've had a yellow-headed blackbird around (rare here - see my photo blog - side bar of my main blog)

Have a joyful day!!

Jean(ie) said...

So much going on. Wow! I hope you're feeling better. That crud is the crud...

You will have fun in Paducah. Wish I were going there, too!. I want to see the stash report after that! LOL!

Tell Todd to have fun on his last few shifts. I imagine those shifts will come with lots of emotion, so be patient with him.

Needled Mom said... much excitement in your life right now. I hope you're feeling better.

Grammasheri said...

SO good to hear from you! Hope you're MORE than 85% better by now. Enjoy Paducah enough for the both of us. Am hoping to be able to go someday. Of course you MUST show-and-tell your "Paducah loot" in a blog post!


Janet O. said...

Lucky you, headed to Paducah!
And OF COURSE you won a giveaway!! Do you ever not win??? : )
Oh, life is busy, isn't it? I hope you are well enough for the firehouse visit, but be careful--I've had strep relapse before when I didn't rest long enough--that is NO fun.
Love the birds--those Indigo Buntings are gorgeous!

Barbara said...

I've missed your blogging, but it's always good to see you there on Instagram. Congratulations on this new phase of your life.

Teresa in Music City said...

Such exciting times!!! I'm so happy for you both! While we miss your posts, it is good to know that you are missing for such a wonderful reason as a happy, fulfilled life :*) Really sorry to hear you've been sick though :( Not fun!!!! And this is the first year I'm missing Paducah, so I'm really bummed that I won't have that chance to meet up with you. Be sure to enjoy yourself enough for me too, okay? And please keep posting occasionally so we know how things are going with you! Hugs!!!!

BudandMarsha said...

I was happy to see your post. I know how excited you must be to see that undiscovered country. As RVers, there is nothing like traveling to new places to excite me!

Your projects look great and I hope you are well enough to do all the things you want to do these next few days. Put those sweet toes up for a cup of tea this afternoon!
Wish I was going to Paducah!

Sarah said...

Oh I'm glad you saw the teatime favorites - I forgot to ask after I got mine at Sam's. I don't recognize that issue of tea time tho - will need to check at home or call the publisher. Probably the post office lost it :( Loved seeing the bird photos again! 2 more shifts - how exciting!!!!

Mary said...

Great to catch-up with your fun and not so fun activities. Get better so you can enjoy Paducah for all of us who are at home being Green with envy on this Earth Day! Glad you can post on FB even when you aren't Blogging so I can read about your adventures there.

Sheila said...

Hope you are feeling better. Loved your post. Great pictures, quilt, birds, winnings, everything. Have a nice trip :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I wish it was warm enough to uncover my toes long enough to paint them. Hope you are feeling better. Blog when you have something to say, and want to say it. This is supposed to be fun, not work. Have fun in Paducah. I've never been.

Paula said...

How I wish I was going to Paducah. Not only see all the beautiful quilts, do some shopping but a chance to visit with YOU! But, it is not to be. I sure have been missing you.
Love the rainbow toes. How clever.
How exciting for you and Todd. I remember when Mel retired.. I was so scared. Why? No more paychecks. I just could not believe we could make it on retirement funds, SS, and interest. I think that whole first year I was scared, but, finally I got over it. I wish you both all the best on your journey to "Undiscovered Country". Your are going to LOVE it! Hey, maybe you can come to Wisconsin?????

Anonymous said...

Sick!? So that's why you weren't at the meeting Thurs. night. I had your pin with me just in case.

I'm not going to Paducah, so if you don't mind being my eyes please let me know if there are any new and exciting things that we need to add to our mix. Be careful and enjoy yourself!

Gmama Jane said...

Oh how fun to be headed toward Paducah! Roger and I had planned to stop in Paducah on our return from Marshall this week-end but plans changed due to our friends whom we stay with were going to be out of town for their new grandbaby. Since we were no longer going to WV the Paducah plans went away as well. Boo Hoo. I enjoyed your bird pictures. My Dad could draw throngs of grosbeaks to his feeding stations. He not only had a green thumb but knew so much about birds and how to build habitat friendly areas for certain species of birds. he always wanted but never got a purple Martin. Enjoy your trip and share lots of pictures. I wish you would visit us on Thursday May 2 for Sassy Sewers and share your pictures to the group. Most are just learning about Paducah and other quilty info. I hope you will be our special guest. We meet from 10-2 but we eat at 12:00. Just let me know if you can come.
Gmama Jane

Kate said...

Sorry you had a bought with not so fun stuff last month. Love the cardinals quilt top, very pretty. Very cool new kiddo fabric, the dollies are lovely. You've been really busy. All the best to Todd and you as you move into the undiscovered country.