Thursday, October 29, 2009


Nothing is just tripping off my tongue, here.

Lots of stuff happening, it's just that none of it is coming together cohesively in my mind so I can put it down in words!

Let me think where I left off . . .

Saturday. Alabama won. Benefit concert at Lighthouse (during which Todd came up with an interesting idea of having Kim, James, Jocelyn & I sing, while Jason works our sound and Todd manages us).

Sunday. Church--then Todd was on shift. I went back to church that afternoon for choir practice and the evening service. Brother Randy's message was really good Sunday evening. He talked about what it meant to be a person whom God used to stand in the gap. Several interesting Scriptures that he quoted from. Psalms 15:2, Philippians 3:10, Colossians 1:28-29, and Ephesians 5:25 all listed traits of those God uses to stand in the gap, but the words in the psalm were the most intriguing.

When I left church Sunday night, I noticed I had several missed calls and two voicemails. I didn't recognize either of the numbers so I check my voicemail. The first call was from my Great Grand Uncle Frank from Montana! He was checking to see if he had the right telephone number for me, because his son, Chris, was delivering a truck load in Huntsville and wanted to talk to me! The second voicemail was from Chris himself! I hadn't talked to Chris Fowler since I was ... I dunno, maybe 15? At the last Fowler Family reunion at Pop's and Grandma Willie's! Chris had a kind of long rebellious stage (like decades long), had left home, and had eventually ended up in Arizona. Now he's been married for forever, has two kids, and is working to put some money away to buy a house. I called him when I got home and we talked for about an hour. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to leave his truck and was headed directly to Corinth, MS, first thing the following morning, but now that he knows where I am, I think he'll make arrangements so we can actually see each other. It was awesome talking to him after so long! :)

Monday, Todd came home off shift and the two of us ran some errands together, then we had lunch at Posey's, and then we went to Hazel Green Elementary, where Todd put on his turnouts and gave a little talk to Jenda Hillis's pre-k class. It was fun listening to Todd talk to the children and how they interacted with him. It made me proud all over! I took several pictures, so here's a snapshot:

He was so patient with all their questions and chasing rabbits with them! After they'd asked all their questions, he let each one of them try on his coat and hat -- I took their pictures. So, so darling! We had a fun afternoon doing that. From the school we headed to Publix and did grocery shopping together. I'm determined to find foods that he likes and is healthy for us. I was at the deli counter looking at different types of turkey. One that caught my eye was the Cajun turkey; I tried a slice and in was SMOKIN! Two hours later my mouth was still warm! Todd tried it and loved it. Yay! I think we're gonna make it. We even found some cookies for us to try! All in all, it was a good shop. I like shopping with him!

Monday night, I ORDERED TICKETS TO A BETH MOORE EVENT!!!! I'm so very excited. Tickets just went on sale on Saturday, October 24th. The venue (First Baptist Church Woodstock, in Atlanta), holds 9,000. Today they announced that it had sold out. SOLD OUT! But Joc and me, we're in like flint! And we have hotel reservations to boot! I so can't wait! The event is April 24th. Wow. I guess I'll have to learn to wait, non?!

Tuesday was back to work . . . Wednesday more of the same. Except that on Wednesday evening, since Todd was on shift and James was at school, Kim and I had dinner together! We ate at Ol' Dad's BBQ. It was yummy and we had a fun meal together. After that, I headed to Berryhill Funeral home. My good friend, Jeff, had lost his mom on Monday. Her visitation was Wednesday (last night). I'm glad I went. I love that Laster family. And it was nice to meet Jeff's dad and sister. After the visitation, I went to Costco and bought Halloween candy for Trunk or Treat! I got good candy, too. Now if only I could figure out how to decorate my car!

I also got a new movie -- Ice Age 3!! I'm so excited and I can't wait to watch it! Hopefully Todd will watch it with me tonight. I've been waiting forever for it to come out; that and Night at the Museum 2. Don't tell me I have to wait for Christmas for that?!?! I still have the dilemma of what to do with all my VHS movies. I hate the thought of giving them up/away. Especially since they are all movies I did want in the first place.

Okay. Payroll got done today. Billing, done. Work, DONE! I'm ready to go home. Is it Friday yet? Please?!?!?! Perhaps tomorrow will fly by . . .

I shouldn't wait so long before doing this. I forget things. Ugh.



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