Saturday, March 12, 2016

whirlwind weekends . . .

Y'all . . . whirlwind doesn't half describe the past two weeks! I was completely absent last weekend . . . but for very good reason!  Joc, Ellie and I traveled to the Northern Neck of Virginia for my niece Cecilia's wedding!
She was a beautiful bride and she had a very handsome groom, too!
The whole affair wore Miss Eleanor out.
LOL! This is post-wedding/pre-reception, while we waited for all the family pics to be taken. She perked up for the "party". . . she was very interested in the wedding cake. Her mommy was interested in the cream cheese mints we carried to Virginia for the party . . .
Poor Joc.  she had to travel 750 miles to get some more cream cheese mints!

We drove up on Friday, the wedding was on Saturday, and we drove back on Sunday. I'm telling you -- whirlwind. Monday was my baby girl's 30th birthday!
She is such a beautiful young woman -- I'm so proud of her! Speaking of which, I've been a little remiss in sharing something here. Joc has started up her own business called Pearl's Pegs.
Aren't these just darling? She does incredible work.
Ellie and Evey love them -- and already she's 4-6 weeks out on orders!  Yes, very proud of my girl!

Yesterday, Todd and I headed down to Shocco Springs -- the Baptist Retreat Center outside of Talladega, Alabama, for our annual Mission Service Corps Missionary Retreat and Training.  
We enjoy the beautiful grounds of the center *and* the great fellowship! Yesterday was also Kim's birthday . . .
She celebrated waaaaay far away in California -- the first of their birthdays to be celebrated out there! But Sawyer was not far behind . . .
He turned SIX years old today. Gosh, look how grown up he looks! Sweet fellow! Todd and I sang happy birthday to him and enjoyed some FaceTime. It was a bittersweet day . . . as much as I'm happy he's six and happy it's his birthday, it was sad to me that for the first time since he was born, I didn't get to at least give him a hug or kiss on his birthday.  *sniffle, sniffle* :)

I chased my blues away by doing a little shopping with Todd at Bass Pro Shops on our way home from Talladega. I got my first pair of Crocs!
LOL! These are so comfortable--why did I not know that?? Plus, they don't hit the scars on either side of my right foot, which are still (even after six years) very sensitive. Aaaand, these Crocs are really CUTE!  I may have to invest in a couple of more pairs. Haha!

I haven't done anything quilty in I don't know how long . . . and my stash report shows it, too.
Aaaah well . . . sometime in the next month or so I may get a free weekend to do something of significance!

I did manage to sneak enough time to cut out some Christmas fabric for another yo-yo ornament. I loved the tree so much, I'm going to do another one of those. I have the charms all ready to go, too.
This will make for the perfect slow Sunday stitching project!

Spring is finally making its way into the camp. As we drove up the drive today, I was happy to see that the daffodils were out in full force.
They have such sunny, sweet faces! We have one rogue yellow flower in the midst of the paler variety . . .
The little purple flowers are blooming all over the turtle sanctuary . . .
And the Lamb's Ear is starting to make sporadic appearances, as well:
And I do believe that about does it for me. A lot of pics and a lot of words...that's what happens when I don't blog for two weeks. I'll link up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts tomorrow! Don't forget to change your clocks tonight . . . Spring Forward!


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Momof3girls said...

I love the pegs! BUTTTT...what do you do with them exactly? lol Do they come in sets, individually, etc? Prices?

My mom had to remove a cancer spot on the side of her nose and the doctor gave her some kind of ointment to take away the scars. I will ask her about it and let you know. She mentioned it today and I can't remember what it's called, but will find out for you.

I miss seeing pics of Sawyer and his sisters. I know you must miss them terribly. :(

The crocs are very comfortable, but please be very careful wearing them when it's wet outside. They can slip really, really bad. My husband slipped down in a pair yesterday.

The flowers are starting to come out here too. I love the daffodils myself. :)

Janet O. said...

Your life is very full--so many blessings!
Oh, those mints look yummy. I hope Joc got some! : )
Long distance birthdays are tough. My oldest has hers next week--in NH. And in 2 months her baby girl turns one!
Just perused the peg doll Facebook page. What a clever daughter you have--apple didn't fall far.
Love the salmon daffodils!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Beautiful bride and family and those peg people are adorable!

Libby in TN said...

Whirlwind, to say the least! But the best kind. Always good to hear from you. Camo Crocs -- hmmm.

Kate said...

Whirlwind indeed! Your niece was a beautiful bride. Hopefully things will slow down a bit so you can enjoy a bit of slow stitching.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh what a week! I am sure you will be excited to sit and stitch again. I just ordered to croc sandals this week they are comfy too!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Sounds like a busy and fun filled week! Have fun making your ornament today

Jeanna said...

You have had a couple of weeks filled with many blessings. You have a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to all those who had one. Love the crocs!

Kaja said...

No sewing maybe, but your family are beautiful and your daughter is clearly very talented.

Mary said...

Family Time trumps Sewing & Blogging time again. Beautiful faces abound in your family! It's all about Choices we get to make them every day. The best ones are the choices between 2 GOOD things.

Mary said...

Family Time trumps Sewing & Blogging time again. Beautiful faces abound in your family! It's all about Choices we get to make them every day. The best ones are the choices between 2 GOOD things.