Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 bible study expo . . .

Y'all, I don't get excited about a lot of things . . . scratch that. You know I get excited about LOTS of things -- and I want to share one of those things right now!

I've shared before about the Women's Bible Study Expo.  These are free webinars (online) that showcase up and coming Bible-study authors and teachers. And the next one is coming up TOMORROW!  
Yes, Thursday, March 17th, at 2:00 p.m. (central time).  There is a fabulous line-up of authors, including Sherri Burgess (whose book, Bronner: A Journey to Understand I reviewed in January)!
These webinars, organized and led by one of my favorite women's ministry gurus, Marni Swedberg, are a terrific way to learn about an author, hear her heart, and get an understanding about what her study/book is about. This is a fabulous resource, whether you're picking out Bible studies for yourself or for a group study.

Check it out for yourself at and be sure to register to win (top right corner) while you're there!


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Kate said...

Hope it's a good webinar and you find some great programs out of it.