Sunday, November 06, 2016

tricks and treats . . .

First things first.  Did you remember to fall back last night before going to bed??
I'm not all about time change.  I wish they do away with it. But I *do* like the extra hour on Sunday morning and the change so that I'm not driving to work in the dark in the morning.  Yes, I like that just fine!

Last things are last. So be sure to read through! (That means there's a giveaway!)

Todd was in Florida for a conference most of the week, so I was on my own. I battled a headache for pretty much the whole week, but managed to squeeze in some fun time.  Mainly on Halloween night, where we (Jason, Joc, Ellie, Evey and I) gathered for a 'spooky' dinner at my mom and dad's home and then trick or treating. My mom was in her party hostess element! We had Goblin's Eyes:
Jack-O-Lantern Humus:
Poisoned Apples:
And Pumpkin Brains:
Not to mention dessert . . . 
Pumpkin, Spider and Cat's Tongue cookies! The little girls--especially Ellie--were delighted.  But I think Jason, Joc and I were equally delighted with the fun of it! 
Even the table was dressed to the nines!

I had managed to finish up Flotsam and Jetsam for Evey's costume. Please don't mind the mess on my kitchen counter!
They came to work and kept me company for the day. 
That certainly raised some eyebrows as visitors came in during the day!

I didn't get any great pics of the girls dressed up for Halloween . . . I let Jason do all the photo taking and I've not seen any yet! I did snap a pre- and post-Trick or Treating photo of the two . . .
They had matching glo-in-the-dark pjs.  Ellie is demonstrating hers in the bottom right capture.  Evey is demonstrating how worn out she is!

I finished up both scarves this week and finished up my swap mug rug that needed to go in the mail by Friday.  I can't share a picture yet, but I will next week.  I hope my partner is pleased with it.  She sure did a great job on mine -- reveal later.

Thursday I took off a little early and met Joc and the girls at the Botanical Gardens.
With temps still in the 80's, it seemed the thing to do. Ellie loves to "strike a pose"! Evey just wants to run. Everywhere.
Even the butterflies were still out and about.  And loads of flowers still blooming, since we haven't had a frost yet.

My stash experienced a little change up this week. 
I took in two fat quarters I was gifted with from the tea cup exchange.  And then my mug rug going out and the two eels, took it and a little more back out.  I'll take it!

I need to work on some Christmas ornaments today. Just need to figure out what I'll try next. Probably not the crescent Santa!  LOL! 
That'll be my sloooooow stitching for today!

One final thing. This picture was taken at Evey's birthday party in September. I'm holding Ellie and Marilyn, Joc's mother-in-law in standing next to me, holding Evey.  Our respective husbands are behind us. Leave a caption for this photo in your comment.
For the bestest, funniest, zaniest caption I'll give a prize. Then I'll draw from all the captions that peg the picture correctly for another prize! That's TWO prizes! I'll leave it open through Wednesday and announce it next Sunday. If you are a no-reply blogger, please make sure you leave your email in your comment!

Linking up to Patchwork Times and Kathy's Quilts today.  Enjoy your extra hour and have a blessing-filled Sunday!


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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

'Surprise', is the look on most peoples faces in that photo.

Deanna W said...

From the look on the girls faces...those hubbys are up to something!

kwiltnkats said...

Cake Time!

My DH is about to go on a business trip too. I'm looking forward to lots of hours in my sewing room... Were those eels for their costumes?

Kate said...

"What? More cake?" Sorry it's Sunday and my brain is definitely taking a day of rest.

Dar said...

I LOVED all the Halloween foods. That was so creative. I bet your mother is so fun to be around too. She should be in the catering business! I'm the world's worse when it comes to captions and naming quilts, so I'm not much help. It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves and having fun. How about "Clowning Around"?

Janet O. said...

"Hands back in your pockets, guys!"

CathieJ said...

I would say "What?! There's another grandchild on the way?!" That is the look of delight and shock on everyone's faces.

Needled Mom said...

"You're pregnant?????" That is too funny.

I love the Halloween table decor. I am going to have to remember some of those for next year. It's nice to see he so into Halloween.

Quilter Kathy said...

"We have another hour today for slow stitching"?!?!

Creations By Cindy said...

Such fun food and pictures. Love a good party! Your mom done an awesome job. I love it. Oh the picture is too cute of you all. Let me see...."Oh my mercy, look what she has come dressed as?
LOL! That was my first thoughts but I must say, I love what CathieJ said....
Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sarah said...

Such a fun, fun menu!!
I wasted my extra hour looking for the patterns I needed to sew all day. Grrr.

The baby and goosing quotes are already taken so... "O.M.G. Chocolate Lava Cake and ice cream for dessert!!"

Kristine said...

"The dog got to the cake and it's all over your new carpet. Surprise!" It looks like the moms are shocked and the dads are angry and the kids don't care so I'm guessing it's some kind of unexpected news. I love the Halloween foods and especially the Ariel accessories! I used to love daylight savings...before I had kids. Now they just wake up earlier and get cranky earlier.