Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And, a picture or two from our weekend getaway to Mountain Laurel Inn Bed & Breakfast in Mentone, Alabama (which I *highly* recommend)!!

This is the view from our cabin porch. It was *very* secluded, private, and romantic! The paved path leads from our porch back to the main house (where we ate breakfast).

This is a view of the falls, from the trail that ran from our door (practically). It was a breathtaking view; quite spectacular! It would be fun to go back in the spring, when rain had been more plentiful! It's been rather dry up in the mountains, and it was reflected in the waterfalls.

This final picture is from the other side of the falls. See the tiny little overhang, that juts out just below the trees? That's from where I took my picture of the falls. Good thing I took that picture first!

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