Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I never realized, before this morning, that a second killing followed so closely on the heals of Cain's killing of Abel. As one of Cain's descendants, it sounds as if Lamech, the first polygamist noted in the Bible, used Cain's sin as an excuse for his own. I've done that. I've measured my sin against a sin committed by someone else; to downplay what I've done. But God doesn't look at it that way. My sin is measured only against His standard of perfection. That's why there is no acceptable sin.

I'm in the book of 1 Kings in my quiet time, now. Reading about the kings of Israel (the Northern kingdom) makes me think of the hymn, "No not one!" I know the context is different, but there surely wasn't one king who reigned in Israel who was righteous. No not one.

Of course, the kings of Judah (the Southern kingdom) weren't much better.

Today is primary election day in the grand state of Alabama. Go Judge Roy Moore!


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