Monday, June 05, 2006

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; He is good -- He is good!!

He certainly was good to Solomon. But the minute Solomon started taking His blessings for granted, it went to Solomon's head. The beginning of the end. I'm just like that. At some point I stop being grateful, and start getting ... expectations? Perhaps I start feeling like I *deserve* the goodness -- it's my right, my just rewards. Lord? Help me to remember today that what I deserve is death. I'm a sinner saved by Your grace alone, and that is the only blessing I truly needed. How I praise You for that! You are good -- You are good!!!

My Jocey is serving God in Tahoe, and my James is headed to a camp in Roach. What a name for a city! Todd and I are on our own again this week. Wow. I'm praying that God will really impress upon me ways I can show my darling husband that I respect him. I'm a very loving wife -- but am I a respectful wife? This week I'll pay close attention to it.

Time to see what Sunday's lesson is about!



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