Monday, June 19, 2006

What a delightful long weekend we had! Todd & I took a trip up to Mentone, Alabama, and stayed at the Mountain Laurel Inn Bed & Breakfast. It was simply wonderful. The cottage is tucked back into the woods, and surrounded by acres of trees and wildlife. The hostess, Sarah Wilcox, is truly gifted in hospitality. From the moment we arrived, to the time we (reluctantly) checked out, she bent over backwards to make us feel welcome and comfortable. I come home feeling awed by God's glorious creation, and relaxed and ready to face the world again!

It occurs to me -- especially after watching it happen with Jocelyn this weekend -- how ready God is to provide for our every need, when we have faith and trust in Him. Jocelyn's pulled wisdom tooth that had given her trouble before Europe, came back in full force in Tahoe. She woke up Friday morning in pain and misery. They took her to an oral surgeon in Reno, who took care of everything, free of charge. Todd & I had deposited $300 in her account, to make sure she could cover everything/anything she needed -- and all she needed was $104 for prescriptions. It's such an awful feeling to have your child be sick or in pain and out of your reach. Until I remember that my child was His child first, and as much as I care for my girl, He's going to outdo me (and rightly so) every time! Lord, Abba Father, how grateful I am to You.

Our SS lesson this week, which I will be teaching, is on Job. The main theme is, "God is in control." If they don't learn anything else, if I can make that one truth abundantly plain and clear to them, it will be a successful lesson, in my opinion. God, what would make it successful to You? What do these girls need to get from this Scripture on Job? I pray You will make me very sensitive to Your word this week; that I will be able to understand and discern what You are speaking through Job's trials, and that I will be able to clearly communicate it to our class. Lord, I pray you will bless them this week in such a way that they recognize it as only You.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go!


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