Saturday, September 05, 2009


Todd surprised me with two containers of yellow mums! Yay! Fall is truly one of my favorite times of the year! Anyway, I came home from work to see them sitting so prettily on my front porch. It was like getting a smile and a hug all wrapped up in one. I dearly love happies! And my darling husband is so obliging. Again, I am blessed.
Last night coming home I almost hit a deer. She jumped *right* out in front of me! Luckily, I was so entranced by the moon, that I really didn't have time to react. This is a good thing. My natural inclination would have been to swerve, or slam on the brakes or some other dumb move. As it was, she leaped out in front of me, and lickity-split, leaped onto the shoulder and into the field! Good think that big, beautiful full moon was there!

As I drove down the road to our home, I had such a sweet memory of driving through the tobacco fields in the fall in Maryland. Crisp cool air; the yellows, browns and oranges so prevalent to the autumn landscape; little indicators of the earth mellowing and preparing for harvest. Isn't funny how a quickly one can be transported back to a distant memory? And more than a little ironic. I sometimes have a tough time remembering what I did yesterday, but I sure can dredge up those memories from my childhood!

Enough of the reminiscing. Memories . . . light the corner of my mind!


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