Thursday, September 10, 2009


Are you frantically trying to figure out if you missed a day or if I missed a letter?

No! Thank You, God, it's Thursday!

I realized this morning that I've really always liked Thursdays. I'm not sure why. To the best of my knowledge nothing spectacular has happened to me on a Thursday. I wasn't born or married on a Thursday. My children weren't born on Thursdays. I really couldn't pinpoint one singular event that would cause me to not just *like* Thursdays, but be really excited that it is Thursday.

Unless . . . maybe just maybe . . .

This is the day that the LORD has made?? He made all days, I know. But just think, way back to the beginning . . . He did some incredible things on each of the 'first' days. On the first "fifth" day, or Thursday, though, He made all manner of creatures to live in the oceans, and birds to inhabit the air! I love birds! They bring so much interest and enjoyment; between their song, their beauty, and their antics, they are well-rounded entertainment! And fish? My husband *loves* to fish! It's where he is headed right this moment!

I can't imagine what this day -- this Thursday -- would be like if the Lord hadn't seen fit to do on the original Thursday what He did. I wouldn't have enjoyed the cheery call of the wren this morning, or the dozens of sparrows making a mad dash from my boxwood hedge this morning as I passed by, and my dh would have headed into work as normal, instead of heading to the lake with his dad. How blah. God, You are SO good!

This *is* the day that the LORD has made; I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!

Viva jueves!


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