Friday, September 11, 2009


It's FRIDAY! Hooray for Friday!!

I couldn't do it. I had to tell my sister that I was working on something for her. I even sent her a picture. I can't keep quilt secrets!! (Except that big one I kept from my mom!) Here it is...

I absolutely love the fabrics in this! When I saw the rooster print (from the French Country Rooster line from Clothworks), I thought immediately of my sweet sister and KNEW I had to do something for her with it. The pattern is actually one Thimbleberries (I think) did a long time ago for use with a snowman and lights--sorta country-Christmassy--but it lends itself well to whatever applique I've wanted to do. I did it with different horses, and I'll do one with cats in the near future. This time it's a rooster with the cupola and probably sitting hens in the corners. Love it, love it, love it!

You know, for years I've been saying that I'm not the kind of quilter that buys fabric just because I like it . . . when I buy fabric it's because I've got a specific project in mind. I'm not a stash builder or a fabric collector. I'm not fabric frivolous.

Or am I????

I've recently purchased quite a bit of different fabrics (a lot with a specific project [vaguely] in mind) and last night I got the urge to pull out my fabric bin and fold and sort everything I had.

Um. That was a bit bigger project than I thought it would be. I was quite frankly AMAZED at the amount of fabric I had. And even more amazed to hear myself exclaiming over my finds (which I OWN) as I sorted and folded. I was having a moment of duality. On the one hand, I was so enjoying the feel, color, and prints of each piece of fabric. On the other hand, I was ever so amused with myself.

La. One of the quilters of whose blogs I read, recently commented that she was on a mission to not buy more fabric until she'd used all her scraps or stash or something on projects. I thought, Hey! That's a good idea for me -- I've got *lots* and lots of fabric, big and small amounts. I should do that! And so last night I resolved I would not buy another scrap of fabric until I had used that stash that I'd built (and am, I have to admit, a little proud of).

After today, I mean. After all, today was the day to turn in my blocks to Patches & Stitches and get this month's installment. I feel obligated to support small, local businesses -- especially quilt shops. What could I do? If it makes me feel better, I do have a specific project in mind, that I plan to start on my next Sew Freely Monday.



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