Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay. On today's (so-to-speak) design wall . . .

I wanted to do a really simple table topper (square) for my mom. Then I made it *so* simple I decided to do three, one for my mom, and then one for my daughter and my daughter-in-law. The tops are all pieced, I just have to cut out the rest of the leaves, press 'em and stitch. Then the tops will be finished. I'll back them with the cute, cute, CUTE acorn fabric, and then bind them with the darker brown. Fun colors. The photos don't do justice.

For the last five or six years, I've made it a tradition to send my mom something squirrel-related every fall. This year, will be this cute little fellow:

He's using the same fabric as the acorn bottoms in the table runner. The acorns in the tea towel are the same fabric as the acorn tops in the runner.

Let's see. I also squared up BBS quilt top, and cut out and squared up the flannel back. At least, they are both squared up providing the lines in my kitchen floor linoleum are squared. I had swept and mopped the kitchen floor this morning, so I could lay the top and back on the floor to get them ready for quilting. I'd no sooner got them down when Merlin, my little black cat, just *had* to try and walk on them. Stinker.

Lastly, I had to put a tag and a sleeve on the back of the Grand Hands quilt, to get it ready to turn in TOMORROW!!! I can hardly believe the quilt show is this coming weekend!! I can't wait to see what other women from our guild have done! We have lots and lots of talented women (and men) in our group. Should be an incredible show. I'll take lots of pictures!

So. There's my day. To see what others are doing with their design walls, check out Judy's Patchwork Times blog! There's LOTS of quilting going on out there today! I do love Mondays!

For now, back to the cutting board . . .



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