Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's September? Really?? It seems like just a couple of days ago I was remarking on the fact that it was already July! Next thing you know I'll be wishing everyone a happy new year! :)

The SS conference session went very well last night! Todd did a great job. Overall turnout was low, but we had six, which was probably as good as any of the breakouts (except perhaps the pastor breakout), so we weren't complaining. The a/v all ran smoothly, too!

Today was long. I'm tired, and tired of constant, nagging pain. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the thought that perhaps this is my new normal; that there will always be pain when I take a step on that right foot--or even just when it's doing nothing (which really scares me). I have to shake that kind of thinking out of my head real quickly -- no need to borrow trouble! For now I'll just presume it's part of the healing process, continue to pop ibuprofen, and work through it.

James shared a new picture of my Sawyer with his beautiful mommy . . .

This certainly takes my mind off trivial things like feet!


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Rachel's Quilts said...

Beautiful picture. it's amazing how black and white photos make the everyday look so special.
Hope your foot/ankle is feeling better soon.

Pat said...

GREAT and white really brings out the emotions of a photo. I hope your foot will stop giving you bursts of pain soon.

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I've had two knee surgeries (one on each knee) and it took about a year for my first one to really heal. Two years later I still have some issues with my left one, but mainly due to lack of strength (I need to pull out my PT folder and get busy). I do have the occasional rainy day aches or achiness at the end of a strenuous day. Also, my Dad had a bad car accident about 13 years ago. He had to have pins and screws (which have since been removed) in his arms and hands and he is pain free, but it took a while. It's a process. A frustrating one, but a process just the same and we both know through every process He is teaching us something. Be encouraged and embrace the process. <3 ya!