Wednesday, September 29, 2010

candy corn . . .

One of the MANY things I really like about autumn is candy corn. And not necessarily to eat, but because it just looks so - fun! It's orange, yellow, and white -- happy colors! And it's triangular -- happy shape! It makes great turkey beaks, nicely fills a clear glass candle votive, and, evidently, makes a great wreath, too!

I happened upon the latest Woman's Day on the newsstand this week, and this was their cover photo:

Cute, non? And since my Secret Pal *loves* candy corn, I figure this may be my next project AND secret pal gift! I'll post pictures when I've finished.

Instructions are easy and can be found on the Woman's Day site, HERE.

They also had great instructions for preserving the candy corn and/or the finished wreath HERE!

Bon appetit...errr...Happy crafting!


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