Monday, September 27, 2010

loverly weekend . . .

Truly, it's been a lovely, long weekend! I do adore having Mondays off. It gives the weekend lots of depth, and makes the work week far more bearable! ;)

Plus, we get to pack a lot of stuff in! Saturday, Todd and I headed to South Huntsville to pick up a golf cart for Camp MACOBA. We got a *sweet* deal on this baby, and it runs great. It handles the trails out here very nicely, which means Todd was able to take me through the woods and all around -- places I haven't been able to get to since the accident. It was wonderful!!!

We also purchased a large (20' by 10') screened tent. This will give us a place to have both sets of kids and their families over to eat, and have bug protection, too!

All it needs is to have one of the picnic tables brought over. Todd's going to do that sometime soon. I even grabbed my red-checkered tablecloth from Hunter Road for use here! We've got our lawn chairs, too, that we'll put under there for coffee in the mornings. Fun!

Saturday afternoon I made chili and put it in the crock pot, then I made Todd and I some sugar-free gourmet hot chocolate. We took it up to the bedroom and watched the Alabama game on the flat screen up there. We rarely watch TV up there (I watch it up there when I'm alone), so it was like a party.

The hot chocolate (with whipped cream piled high) made it feel like a party too!

This morning, I asked Todd to bring me some Coffee Mate on his way home. What a darling ... he also brought me some flowers!

He said the orange just looked happy -- I have to agree! And perfect for autumn!

I found a pair of shoes at the Dollar Store that I can wear on BOTH feet!! You can't know how exciting this is for me. Never mind the fact that I had to buy a size larger so that my right foot could fit into it! I DON'T CARE!

They aren't the most glamorous of shoes, but they're functional and look halfway decent and they're the SAME! I'm smiling! You can tell there's still swelling in the right ankle, too, but I really think the Mobic is making a difference. It's been a lot easier to walk since I started taking it.

This afternoon I decided it was time to decorate with some fun, fall things!

I think I kept a good balance of fun and pretty things. This is my second fall to decorate in the RV; we moved in early in November last year, and I did put my fall things out (for just a little while). I can't believe that *I* didn't take any pictures -- Camera Queen that I am!

Finally, as I often do, I'll end with a little reminder of one of my favorite things in the whole, wide world . . .

He really *is* such a happy little dude!


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