Thursday, September 02, 2010

counting, counting . . .

A week from today I'm heading to Maryland to help celebrate my mom & dad's FIFTIETH wedding anniversary, which is Friday, September 10th! I'm so excited!

Aren't they a nice looking couple? I come from good stock! :)

I'm flying up on Thursday afternoon. AirTran just started flying out of Huntsville nonstop to Baltimore, which is great! Guess what we're having for dinner that night??

(photo compliments of How To Cook Crab)


We're actually heading to G & M Restaurant & Lounge, who are infamous for their crab cakes! I love being a southern wife, mind you, but there is *nothing* like living on the Eastern Shore for getting the best, fresh seafood. Especially blue crab!!

For the anniversary, the six of us (the four daughters and mom & dad) are headed to one of my folks' favorite restaurants, Café Bretton.

For the rest of the long weekend, we're visiting and tooling about and just generally enjoying each others company. I'm *so* looking forward to it!

Now I'm not just counting it all joy -- I'm counting down, too!


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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your weekend sounds like so much fun! And Happy Anniversary to your sweet parents. You will have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy! Love & blessings from NC!