Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the golden anniversary trip . . .

I realized yesterday that I hadn't ever shared any of my photos from the great trip east . . . to Maryland, that is!

Thursday night I flew in without incident. Almost. Because I was flying in the boot, I set the security off, which meant I got to be wanded and patted down. Lovely experience! The rest of the trip in was without incident. I was really glad I'd asked for a wheelchair at BWI, because it was a long walk from the gate to baggage, and I was already beat!

From the airport, we headed over to eat dinner at a restaurant that does crabcakes PERFECTLY! Julia (sister 2) had taken Mom & Dad to the airport to pick up Laura (sister 4), who flew in from Texas, and me (sister 1). We headed to the restaurant and met Cynthia (sister 3). I'm *so* very glad that we were all there that night. Believe it or not, due to a combination of circumstances, it was the ONLY meal we ate together all weekend long!
The four sisters . . . Julia likes to pose us. We just go along. LOL!

Mom and I. I hope I look that great for my 50th!! :)

Julia & Laura, hanging out.
Friday, the day of Mom & Dad's actual anniversary, dad was sick and climbed back into bed for the next two days. He really was feeling bad. We four girls took mom to dinner at the Cafe Breton. Cute little restaurant!
I captured a quick shot of mom, and didn't realize until look through my photos that I'd inadvertently given her a crown of flowers! Since she was the star of the show, I just figured it was appropriate!

Mom with the special chocolate, raspberry cake they'd made. Dinner was delicious. The cake was sinful! :)

Mom had gotten out some fun things from the wedding, like her invitations, her wedding photos, and her beautiful dress and veil!!
She still glows!
In fact, there's little difference between mom today, and this darling young thing going down the aisle on the arm of her brand new husband! I love the smiles they're wearing!!

Laura and I both wanted to try on her veil. So pretty!!

Dad wasn't up to much, but he could handle a couple of rounds of the Fowler Family game of choice -- cribbage! Laura beat him soundly for a couple of runs, and then I stepped in and bolstered his confidence. He beat me as soundly for two runs!
My cribbage board was one of the few board games that made the transition from the house to RV. I'd love to get Todd interested in playing - it's so fun and a good brain exerciser!!

Also in for the weekend was a visit from our favorite cookies. I've only ever seen these in the Giant grocery stores -- from their bakery. They have *never* lasted long, as evidenced by this near-empty container!
I think it was after taking this picture that Julia gave me a look. I neglected to take a picture of the delicious Reuben sandwiches she'd made us all for lunch!

Saturday evening we set up for a round of steamed crabs. Mind you, with the exception of Monday (the morning I left), we had crabs in one form or another EVERY day I was there!
The paper was scattered, the butter drawn, the mallets are in place, and the sack of crabs is ready!
Laura doesn't get steamed crabs often either (like me). She was READY!
Mr. Crab and drawn butter. Goes together like a horse and carriage!
Mom, Julia, Laura and I powered our way through two dozen of those bad boys! Then Julia and I took turns sending pictures to our respective children, who thought us hateful. LOL! :)

Sunday morning dad was feeling better, and we headed to the Severn Inn for brunch.
Aren't they a darling couple?

Dad was definitely feeling better. He even posed with the bride.
They are such a fun couple! We had a lot of fun, all us sisters with mom & dad. It was different than when we're with husbands or children and visiting.

Sunday afternoon, after brunch, we all headed out to have a family portrait done. My mom really wanted that, more than anything! After the portrait session, we headed back to the house, ordered pizzas, and spent a quiet evening (if there is such a thing when the four of us girls get together) watching movies!

While I was there, I spent a little time sitting in the big kitchen window, watching the antics of the resident squirrels. This little (?!?) guy was such a clown!
I also noted a couple of chipmunks and tons of birds . . . I felt right at home! :)

I have to admit, after my security experience coming out of Huntsville, I was a little anxious about flying out on Monday morning. Especially after seeing what BWI's security looked like when I flew in! I had to laugh, though. I walked through security, set off the alarm, and all they did was x-ray the boot! No pat down, no magic, intrusive wand -- just boot x-rays. I was *so* glad!

As much as I enjoyed spending time with my folks and my sisters, it was wonderful to be home and be met by my darling husband. I had missed him so! When we got home, these were waiting for me . . .
Such a darling man! We're destined for a golden anniversary, too!


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Pat said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Maryland for your mom and dad's 50th! The photos were all great, too!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

oh Denise what a lovely post. Your parents are beautiful. What a special time with your family.