Tuesday, October 15, 2013

birthday mash-up . . .

Birthday week (the kickoff of birthday quarter) hit the same week as Fanfare 2013 -- our guild's bi-annual quilt show!  So it was a BUSY week!

It started with me spending Tuesday with Ellie.  We had such a fun day!  We made pumpkin spice cookies and walked the neighborhood . . . and in honor of it being Fire Safety Month, Leia shared an important public service message about stop, drop and roll:
If you get the feeling that Leia was less than enthusiastic about her message, you'd be correct!  She is, however, very happy to be linking up to Feline Friday (only a couple of days late) at Sarah Did It! 

I had volunteered, among other things, to help with the judging part, pre-show--that was Wednesday and Thursday.  Our judge was none other than AQS's Bonnie Browning!
I learned more about what judges look for and what *I* should be doing if I ever decide to put a *serious* quilt in a quilt show.  Listening to her commentary as she worked was fascinating!
She's quite a riot, too -- she shared lots of great stories and was very personable and down-to-earth.  Quite a lot of fun!  I was anxious about being in the room when she judged my quilts, but luckily, I wasn't in there when she did the one and she only had good things to say about the other (even though it didn't ribbon -- at least it didn't tank, either)!  And *several* quilts that I'd helped piece *did* make it at least to "hold" and were considered!  All told, I had a hand in seven quilts at the show!  One in a non-judged exhibit, two of my own and four that I'd contributed blocks to!

After judging was finished and ribbons were hung, I headed home for a birthday celebration!  All the families came up to the camp and helped me celebrate.
Todd got my cake from Peggy Ann's bakery.  It's pretty, isn't it??  But SO MUCH cake--even with Sawyer and Ellie having seconds!  I cut the remainder of cake into single slices, wrapped each slice in wax paper, and put it in the freezer to enjoy for many days to come.  Sawyer enjoyed helping me remove the candles from the cake (and licking the ends).  Such a big helper!!  ;)

And then it was present time.  Todd got me two really lovely sweaters, just perfect for fall.  Joc, Jason and Ellie gifted me with this darling acorn mini-cake pan and a tin of Royal Wedding Tea from Harney & Sons. Ellie and I will do something with the acorn pan this week!
And James, Kim, Sawyer and June got me this darling Origami Owl necklace!!  The packaging is so cute, with the Chinese box and the fortune cookie case.  I've wanted one of these charm lockets for a while.
The charms in the locket are a little heart that says, "changed" a sewing machine, and my birthstone! Precious!!

In addition to everything else he did, Todd got me two petit fours from Peggy Ann's . . . 
My sweet husband--he knows they're my favorites.  I had them with my afternoon tea the next day!  I had to try out the new Royal Wedding Tea -- it was quite lovely and light!

After presents, we tried to get a pic of me and the grands, but waiting until after cake and ice cream was probably not the best of ideas.
This was the BEST of the ten shots that were taken!  I love how everyone is motion-fuzzy!!  My sweet little grandbabies -- I do love them!!!

I also had a sweet little birthday squishy arrive in the mail . . .
Isn't it darling?!  Just so pumpkin-y perfectly me!  Thank you, Janet!!!  :)

Then it was back to the quilt show . . . time to work the admittance tables and get in there and do some shopping!  Thanks to my folks, I had a little birthday change to do some shopping.  And let me just say, we had some great vendors! I kept it relatively simple. I found a darling scissor sitters pin:
And some beautiful wool felt . . .
And a bag of crushed walnut shells (which was really a timely purchase because I've got some pattern weights I'm finishing up for a project) . . .
And I grabbed a couple of fat quarters to make a girlie superhero cape for Ellie.  All-in-all, I didn't go too overboard!

In the middle of all of that, I also managed to get out my fall things and finish up my October piece for my mini-stand . . .
Yay for pumpkins!!  That particular pattern was cute and very easy!  I pulled the pumpkin out of the "Spooky Hallows" BOM (Block 3 - Spooky Pumpkins) that was done by Marjorie of Peck's Pieces last year. I suppose perhaps a turkey is in order for November.  Or, I dunno . . . how about this crazy idea?!? Nothing says there can only be one per month, right?  Maybe I'll do something a little patriotic for Veteran's Day, first!

Finally, I'll leave you with a shot of this . . . the base for my next nature project!
What could it be, what could it be?!?  Let's just say I've talked about this before!

I finished up birthday/quilt show week with a touch of something . . . a 24 virus thingie, I'm guessing.  So I laid low today, but I think the worst is behind me now!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well Happy Birthday - virus and all. Fuzzy photos - so cute. Love all your gifts and purchases and look forward to seeing what becomes of the styrofoam cone.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the picture of you with your grands, even if it was a little fuzzy. ;-) Grandkids ARE the best, aren't they?

Doniene said...

What an absolutely WONDERFUL week (except the virus thingie) Your grands are grand!!!

Happy birthday!!!!


Sherry Gareis said...

Looks like you had a spectacular birthday pretty lady. You deserve it! Enjoyed all the pictures, especially the grandkids! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday! Looks like it was a great one! Cute acorn pan, can't wait to see how you use it!

Paula said...

WOW! What a wonderful birthday you had. Love the Owl necklace. Sorry you got a virus. So tell us, what are the things judges look at the most? I once heard that binding was the biggest factor.
I love the picture with you and your grands. They are just growing way to fast.
Again, Happy Birthday.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Love the shot with all your grands!

Janet O. said...

That Leia personifies the saying, "If looks could kill."
Your birthday was certainly done up right! I love your locket and the charms inside. So meaningful!
Glad you like your pincushion. It seemed "you". : )
And I, too, am curious as to what you learned from your experience with the quilt judging.
Love the blurry photo with the grands. Life with the grands sometimes seems to move at a blurring pace!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Happy, happy birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Sure wish I could have attended that quilt show! blessings, marlene

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Celebrate all month long. Hope the 24 hour thing is long gone.

Teresa in Music City said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday my dear friend!!! Sorry I've been absent but I tried to keep up with all your shenanigans on Facebook :*) Love the Origami Owl necklance - OH MY GOSH!!! And isn't that Pumpkin ornament from Janet just the cutest thing ever?!?!?! Keep up the good work enjoying your life - you're doing great!!!

Sarah said...

Ack...Explorer keeps crashing and losing my comment...which I swore had been left here a week ago. Stupid computers!

I'll be brief before it crashes again - Brave Leia for hosting a PSA on fire safety and looks like you had a fab birthday party!