Friday, September 02, 2016

evidence of absence . . .

I would say that I was horrified or blown away by how much time had passed since I last blogged . . . but saying such seems rather dramatic, considering I've known precisely well that I *wasn't* blogging and that June, July, AND August had all passed by with my knowledge and without a word from me.  A word on here, at least.  

Unfortunately I have to admit that I've enjoyed the bit of bloggy break. Over the past three months I've spent time with family and grands, both here and in California, lots of time in VBS, Fridays with Todd out on the lake, getting our first cabin at the camp (!!!!!!!!), and time helping my folks get settled in their new home, right here in good ol' Alabama! Toss a 40+ hour work week into the bag and it's been a pretty busy, albeit very enjoyable, summer.
So very pleased to have my folks nearby!  It was a HUGE move for them. Mom and I have enjoyed going through boxes . . . especially the ones that net this kind of reward:
Aren't they beautiful??  Both of my grandmothers collected teacups. One box netted several pieces of china that belonged to my great-grandmother -- how special!

I've done some stitchy things, though quite honestly, not a whole lot.  I did finally finish the bloomers that I started for Everley in May. 
I finished up the sixteen sets of Civil War print swap blocks (including a set for myself) and got them dropped off.  I *still* have not picked up the blocks that come to me!  But I have a picture of them . . . 
Which is better than I can say for the ones I stitched myself!

I stitched up some huge pillows (26" pillow forms) for a dear friend of mine. Don't they look great in their new home?! The upholstery fabric was interesting to work with.
I finished up an Irish Chain wall hanging for my mom (housewarming). I'd done one for a swap a couple of years ago and knew it was perfect for my mom.
Note to self.  Be super careful when trying to get 'artsy' by hanging finished pieces from the top of the pontoon's cover.
Glad we keep a net handy.  (I did wash it before gifting it!)

I got started on a new wool project.  With a little help from a dear friend!
Isn't it cute?  It screams summer!  Now that it's fall.

I've not purchased the first bit of fabric since I was on here last. Not. One. Inch. I find that to be either most impressive or incredibly depressing.  I haven't decided which.

I'd like to say I'm current with my two-ornaments-per-month-challenge. But I can't. C'est l'été? Actually, I'm probably most disappointed in that -- I need to get on the ball! And when I do, this will be my next project . . . 
Isn't it darling? Simple but very pretty.

With summer days waning, I'll try to be a bit more consistent on the blog.  For my sake as much as anything else! Though I MUCH appreciate those that have checked in over the course of the summer!

I've got a three more days of a long, four-day weekend stretching out before me; wonder how I'll fill it?!  Happy Labor Day . . . bring on Autumn!


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Libby in TN said...

Missed hearing from you! Glad you had a great summer.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You've always been quiet and busy during summers - family is important.

Shasta Matova said...

Sounds like a great summer - you have your priorities straight, so don't worry about not blogging. I am impressed at how much you were able to get done, and also impressed that you didn't buy any fabric.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Breaks are always ok. Have fun this fall.

Needled Mom said...

As I always are busy living life instead of documenting it. That is much more important anyway.

Janet O. said...

Loved this whirlwind catch-up on your Summer. Is that a photo of the new cabin in your collage? Looks good sized.
Wow--talk about tea cup heaven! I'll bet that had your little tea-loving heart beating faster! *LOL*
I am impressed with all of the sewing you have done and I admit I had to giggle about the wall hanging taking a dive. Keep in mind I am laughing WITH you, not AT you! : )
Your wool mat will be adorable. Now you have to go see Lisa and learn her techniques.
That is a really pretty little ornament, and with your embroidery skills, you will make it just as pretty--or even prettier!

Lyndsey said...

Great to her from you again and that you've had a had a good summer. Love your stitching projects. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

Teresa in Music City said...

So great to catch up on all your happy happenings!!! Life can get so busy sometimes, and blogging is one of the things that can easily take a backseat. We've missed you, but it's wonderful to know that you are out there living life large!!!!

Marsha Hodgkins said...

I'm happy to hear you've had a fantastic summer with family, and how lucky you are to have your mom. and to have her near you!
I have missed you but understand the bloggy holiday feeling. Since my surgery in February, I can't seem to get myself back to daily blogging, especially since I don't seem to be as inspired or as driven as I was BC (before cancer). If I can blog twice a week, I'm pleased with myself.

Glad to have you back. Marsha QuilterinMotion

Jocelyn said...

Missed your blog posts. Although I catch you in IG, it's really not the same.

Kate said...

Glad you are back. It's good to take a break sometimes. Blogging can get to be a chore if there's other fun stuff going on. Looks like you had a very fun summer. Hopefully you can find some more time for stitching now that fall is setting in.

Sarah said...

You may have taken 3 months to post but it took me nearly another month to read it sorry my friend :( A cabin - how exciting!! Gotta love all those tea cups. Not sure how the timer works with the tea cups tho. Bwahahaha. Good to see you back in bloggyland.