Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ahhhh . . . the infamous wedding quilt! Jocelyn didn't want a guest book -- she wanted her guests to sign quilt squares. In theory, it's a great idea! Here's just a teaser from it.

The hydrangea print will always form a complete square. Signatures went in the neutral fabric. I would *never* have gotten these squares finished for the wedding if my dear friend Tina hadn't joined the cause! Plus my sisters trimmed each block.

Joc did such a beautiful job picking out fabrics and keeping with her wedding colors! I'd like to use those fabrics in a quilt for me. Really yummy!

The last picture is the CAD drawing I did when I was making the pattern and putting the blocks together in different forms. I think I put it together about 5 different ways, and let Jocelyn pick which one she liked best. Option 3. Who'd have guessed? In another year or so I'll have all the signed blocks pieced together and have it quilted!

Finit (or not)!


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