Saturday, August 22, 2009

a potpourri . . .

I got to thinking . . . for someone who claims to be a quilter, I sure haven't done a whole lot. I've got pictures of -- maybe 3-4 quilts splattered throughout this thing? So I went back and took a look. I'm more accomplished than I thought! Here's a random sampling of some of the things I've finished since I started . . .

This is my first ever quilt. It was the Block of the Month quilt from Patches and Stitches in 2006. The passion begins!

This is Kelly's Horse. I did this for a darling young lady. It was my first attempt at applique. I like applique a lot. Thank you Mrs. Martha for your help.

This was the 2007 BOM from Patches and Stitches. I still haven't completely finished it, but I do love it! This quilt will adorn our bed in the RV!!

This is the first baby quilt I ever made -- gave it to my niece for Christmas in 2007. It will definitely *not* be the last baby quilt I make! Not with grandbabies in my near future!

This darling little patchwork puppy was fast and done for a friend of mine. I forgot to take a picture of the final product!

This was my table runner for Thanksgiving 2008. The pattern was a lot more challenging than I had realized it would be! The first photo is of the center, prior to quilting it. Too bad you can't see more of the finished runner through the table decor! :)

I paper-pieced this cupcake for my favorite cupcake maker/baker. I didn't actually quilt this -- I framed it instead! Still . . .

There are a couple of other projects that I've started and not finished . . . I tell my husband that my plan it to collect projects now, while I can afford it, so that when we retire and money is tighter, I've still got fabric and kits to play with! :) A good plan, if I do say so myself!



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