Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally . . . I thought to take some pictures this morning of the "Brights" BOM I'm working on . . .

There are two blocks that I've picked up, but that I haven't even really looked at yet, much less completed. Those are the two that were due July and August -- too much happened (like a wedding) and I didn't get them completed yet! But I vow to have them finished before the next turn in date, which is September 12th!

This quilt will be the 'sister' quilt to the BOM from the first half of last year. The patterns are different and some of the fabrics are different, too, but it will be close enough that they will look very cute together. This will grace the bunks in the quilting half of the bunkroom in our RV!

I need to finish up the pineapple quilt (as I've come to fondly refer to it) for the master bedroom in the RV. Since it was a quilt-as-you-go quilt, I've just got to figure out the center, put the parts together, and bind it. Perhaps by the year's end.

Tonight Todd and I are going to tackle the 5 gallons of apples that we have. We'll peel, core, slice and freeze the bulk of them. I sent Jocelyn home last week with a gallon bag of them. We should be able to enjoy cobblers and pies with apples from our own tree throughout the winter!

I'm hoping I'll get home in time tonight to work on that marmalade cake. Oh yes, I'm determined. We're having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner (with bread and salad, of course), which is already prepared -- just needs to be heated, so dinner will be a breeze. Yeah, I see a marmalade cake in tonight's future. We'll get a little bite and I'll send it on into work with Todd! Perfect!

Okay. So enough for now . . . but quilting surely is on my mind!



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